Starting Fishing: Grizzleheim

One beautiful part of Wizard101 is fishing. It can be a great way to spend some time with friends without the pressure of battle and strategy. Fishing will take you to some corners of the Spiral you may not have taken the time to explore before. Like any great hobby in Wizard101, it can lead to some great rewards.
We saw the key spells that you get from Lucky Hookline in the previous Wizard City fishing article. Next, he will give us a new quest after we have completed the quest “Fishful Thinking” The new quest “Ol ‘Fishing Buddy” will lead us to Grizzleheim’s fishing spot and Haarek Silverscale in Northguard.

Haarek Silverscale gives us the next fishing quest, “New Fishing Buddy” The quest is to catch two fish in Grizzleheim.

The first one you will have to catch is the Todd Pole, a fairly common rank 1 Life fish, found in Northguard. To help locate this fish, I suggest you use the Reveal Fish spell. To catch it, use the Lesser Vitality Lure.

The second one will be the Bear Acuda. This rare rank 2 Fire fish is found in Mirkholm Keep. To catch this fish use the Lesser Flame Lure. As with all fish, a little extra fishing luck will go a long way.

When you finish that quest you will be awarded a spell, Slow Fish. This spell slows all fish in the fishing hole. I have found this is a very important spell to have. It makes Rare, Epic and all the fish slow down. Then, when they are near us we can catch them easily without repositioning as much.

Once you have reached fishing level 5, Haarek Silverscale will have these rank 2 spells available for 5000 gold

Minor Harmony Lure, Minor Repose Lure, Minor Flame Lure, Minor Frost Lure, Minor Vitality Lure, Minor Fable Lure, Minor Spark Lure.

To catch the fish in this article, we used the rank 1 spells from Lucky Hookline.

To level up in fishing you should make a list of the fish that are in your Angler’s Tome, and see what you are missing. Starting with rank 1 fish, you want to work your way up to rank 3.

All fish will show important information about them in their picture. The experience gained, lure required, where they are located and aquarium size will be found in your Anglers Tome.

Different fish give different experience amounts. The largest amount is received the first time you catch a particular fish, and it slowly decreases each time you catch the same fish from there.

In the same area of Grizzleheim, you will find Frode Silverscale. He is a Fish Master, also found in Northguard.

Haarek Silverscale and Frode Silverscale are close to each other and are quite easy to locate. I have marked their locations on this map

When we reach Level 6, Frode will have new spells for you that are very useful. They can restore the fish when they are gone from a pond, make the fish come to you, or even freeze them in place. These are quite important spells to have. 

Summon Fish- Resets all Fish in the Fishing Hole

Charm Fish- Attract all Fish in the Fishing Hole

Fish Lullaby- Immobilize all Fish in the Fishing Hole


Fishing takes patience, but it’s a great way to use your unused energy. 

You can keep your best fish and display them in aquariums, or sell your fish to Lucky Hookline for gold!

Many rare items can be found in fishing chests!

Don’t forget that the fish you see in front of you are not the same fish other Wizards see. Other players cannot catch or scare your fish away. However, if you catch a fish or scare it away, it will be replaced after 15 minutes.

If the pond does not have the right school of fish, scare them away by running in the water and come back later!

Also, remember that the first time you go to an area, they load the names of the fish. Of course, this is hard to see but always keep it in mind about rare and epic fish you are looking for. 

Next destination is Dragonspyre. Until then you can see more information about fishing, here.

Good luck and let us know how your fishing adventure in Grizzleheim goes!