Starting Fishing: Dragonspyre

Dragonspyre is one of the most important worlds for fishing spells in Wizard101!

Now that we’ve finished Grizzleheim’s “Ol ‘Fishing Buddy” mission, Lucky Hookline will give us the “Turn Up The Heat” mission. This takes us to Yuri Smokesnare in The Atheneum.

Yuri Smokesnare

If you need help finding Yuri, open the map to find the fishing icon:

You’ll start with the “For the Lava Fishing” mission. Before we begin, let’s see what fishing spells we can get from Dragonspyre:

Yuri’s Rank 2 fishing spells cost 1000 gold. These spells are helpful for fishing tournaments:

Reveal Large Fish – Reveal Whoppers and almost Whoppers.

Reveal Small Fish – Reveal Small Fries and almost Small Fries.

Timor Flamecaster

Timor Flamecaster is the next fishing NPC, You can find him in the Labyrinth in the Necropolis.

Dragonspyre / The Necropolis / The Labyrinth

Luckily, you don’t have to complete the dungeon. Timor will be standing by the entrance before the lava lake.

After reaching fishing level 2, we will be able to buy more fishing spells for 1000 gold each:

Reveal Fish Rank 1 – Reveal the location of all Rank 1 Fish.

The next spell, called Winnow,  is available at fishing Rank 3, also for 1000 gold each. Winnow is very important for fishing, since it keeps only the school of fish we want.

Winnow Balance Fish – Scare away all fish except Balance

Winnow Death Fish – Scare away all fish except Death

Winnow Fire Fish – Scare away all fish except Fire

Winnow Ice Fish – Scare away all fish except Ice

Winnow Life Fish – Scare away all fish except Life

Winnow Myth Fish – Scare away all fish except Myth

Winnow Storm Fish – Scare away all fish except Storm

Now that we have these spells, let’s return to Yuri in the Atheneum who has the next mission “For the Lava”:


Catch one Fire School of Fish / Rank 2 Fire / The Atheneum

Without the Banish Sentinel spell, it’s hard to fish in areas with Sentinels. Instead, go to the Atheneum and catch this fish by using: Winnow Fire Fish / Charm Fish / Minor Flame Lure.

The completion of the mission will give us another quest: “Among Us Stalk the Sentinels.”


Catch one Dragonfly Fish / Rank 2 Life / The Atheneum / Winnow Life Fish / Charm Fish / Minor Vitality Lure

Catch one Hard Albacore / Rank 2 Death / Plaza of Conquests / Winnow Death Fish / Charm Fish / Minor Repose Lure

Catch one Sweet Yellow Grunion / Rank 2 Myth / The Crucible / Winnow Myth Fish / Charm Fish / Minor Fable Lure

When this mission is complete, you can start the quest: “Catch ‘Em If You Can.”


Catch one Red Armored Guard / Rank 1 Ice / The Atheneum / Minor Frost Lure (If you want to catch a Sentinel fish, press the space bar before the lure goes under the lava)

Once this quest is completed, you will receive the Banish Sentinel spell. This handy spell will remove rank 1 Sentinel fish from any fishing area it is cast in.

Reward: Banish Sentinels 1 – Force Rank 1 Sentinels to flee.

What a relief to finally have this spell! After this quest, we will earn the Dragonspyre Angler Badge.

Now, there’s one more quest from Yuri Smokesnare: “Not If I Catch ‘Em First!”


Catch 3 Ember Parrot Fish / Rank 2 Fire / The Tower Archives / Winnow Fire Fish / Banish Sentinels 1 / Minor Flame Lure

3 Trigger Fish / Rank 2 Fire/ The Grand Chasm / Winnow Fire Fish / Banish Sentinels 1 / Minor Flame Lure

Completing this quest will reward you with a Dragonspyre-themed regular keeper aquarium:

Once you complete the quests and earn Fishing Rank 6, you can train new spells from Yuri.  These powerful level 3 lures cost 5000 gold each.

Common Harmony Lure – Catch a Rank 3 fish with a Balance Lure

Common Repose Lure – Catch a Rank 3 fish with a Death Lure

Common Flame Lure – Catch a Rank 3 fish with a Fire Lure

Common Frost Lure – Catch a Rank 3 fish with a Ice Lure

Common Vitality Lure – Catch a Rank 3 fish with a Life Lure

Common Fable Lure – Catch a Rank 3 fish with a Myth Lure

Common Spark Lure – Catch a Rank 3 fish with a Storm Lure



Dragonspyre is a world full of new fish that will give you enough XP to level up.

The best method is to catch the common fish, then rare fish, and finally the epic fish.

You can see the Fish Locator Table to see what you are missing from your Angler’s Tome.

Of course, fishing is always a great way to use unused energy! But you’ll need to be patient with Dragonspyre fishing. Because there are so many different fish, you may not catch the one you need first try.

As mentioned before, remember that only you can interact with the fish you see. No other player can remove your fish, and you can’t remove theirs either. After catching a fish, the pool will replace your caught fish after 15 minutes. If the pool does not have the fish you want, drive out the unwanted fish and wait for a new set to return.

Our next destination is Mooshu.

Until then, see more information on our site for more fishing and its secrets here and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Good luck!