Starting Fishing: MooShu

Our journey brings us to Mooshu, to visit the wise old Fishmaster known as Ryoshi. He’ll help us along on our journey with new quests, new fish, new spells, and an opportunity to level up in fishing.

After finishing the final quest in Grizzleheim, “New Fishing Buddy”, we will be going to the Jade Palace in Mooshu.

Ryoshi will help us continue our adventure with a new quest:
“Fish, Glorious Fish!”


Catch one Grape Jellyfish, a Rank 2 Storm fish.  You can find him in the Tree of Life.  To increase your chances use the Winnow Storm Fish spell and a Minor Spark Lure.

Catch one Origami Fish, a  rare Rank 2 Storm fish. This one will also be found in the Tree of Life.  To increase your chances use the  Winnow Storm Fish spell and a Minor Spark Lure

Once we have finished this mission, he will give us a new one:

“Cast of a Champion”


Catch one Dragon Eel, a Rank 2 Fire fish.  He can be found in the waters of the Jade Palace. To increase your chances use the Winnow Fire Fish spell and a Minor Flame Lure

Catch one Sumo Koi, a Rank 2 Life fish. You will find him in Kishibe Village.  To increase your chances use the Winnow Life Fish spell and a  Minor Vitality Lure

Catch one Codfather, a rank 2 Death fish. He’ll be swimming around in the Ancient Burial Grounds.  To increase your chances use the Winnow Death Fish spell and a Minor Repose Lure.

Catch one Ninja Fish, a Rank 2 Ice fish. You’ll find him in Tatakai Outpost. To increase your chances use the Winnow Ice Fish spell and a Minor Frost Lure.

As soon as this quest is over, it will give us a reward, a critical spell to have! With this spell, we will be able to winnow Rank 2 fish! Thus, in combination with the other winnow spells, we can catch the fish we want:

Winnow Rank 2 Fish- Scare away all except Rank 2 fish

Ryoshi has 2 extra spells to sell us. They each cost 5,000 gold and to get them one must be a level 6:

Winnow Rank 1 Fish- Scare away all except Rank 1 fish

Winnow Rank 3 Fish- Scare away all except Rank 3 fish

These are 2 very important spells, as they allow us to scare away all other Ranks of fish, except what we are fishing for.  It helps us to catch the desired fish easily!

This ends our journey to MooShu and the basics of missions and spells!


Fishing takes patience, but it’s a great way to use your unused energy!

You can keep your best fish and display them in aquariums, or sell your fish to Lucky Hookline for extra gold!

Don’t forget that the fish you see in front of you are not the same fish other Wizards see. Other players cannot catch or scare your fish away. However, if you catch a fish or scare it away, it will be replaced after 15 minutes.

If the pond does not have the right school of fish, scare them away by running in the water and come back later!

Also remember that the first time you go to an area, they load the names of the fish. Of course, this is hard to see but always keep it in mind about rare and epic fish. 

We should not forget that Krokotopia, Zafaria, and Celestia also have fish available, even if there are no fishing quests located there. They will give us enough XP to be able to reach a higher level in fishing.

Our next destination is Avalon!

Until then, see more information on our site for more fishing and its secrets here and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Good luck!

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