Starting Fishing: Avalon

After you complete the fishing quest “Not If I Catch ‘Em First!” in Dragonspyre, Lucky Hookline will send you on a journey to Avalon. 

Brooke Waterman awaits you in Caliburn with another quest, “A Fishy Competitor.”  As you enter Caliburn, Brooke will be found along the shore of the lake to your left.  I have marked her location on the map below.

Brooke will then send you to Caer Lyon to speak to her sister, Wren Waterman, who has a new fishing quest.  You’ll find Wren next to the river, as shown on the map:

The quest you receive from Wren Waterman is aptly named, “A Fishy Competitor”, as  you will be competing with her sister Brooke, to catch a wide variety of fish.



1 Sword Tail / Rank 1 Fire / Caer Lyon / Winnow Fire Fish / Minor Flame Lure

1 William Walleye / Rank 2 Balance / High Road / Winnow Balance Fish / Winnow Rank 2 Fish / Minor Harmony Lure

At the end of this quest, Wren will give you a new one called “Angling Upward.”

In this quest, you’ll need to catch 4 new fish.


1 King Mackerel / Rank 3 Ice / Rare / High Road / Winnow Ice Fish / Winnow Rank 3 Fish / Common Frost Lure

1 Sea Fairy / Rank 3 Life / Epic / The Wyrd / Winnow Life Fish / Common Vitality Lure

1 Hag Fish / Rank 2 Death / Sentinel / The Wyrd / Minor Repose Lure

1 Hamlet / Rank 2 Death / Dun Dara / Winnow Death Fish / Minor Repose Lure

At the end of this quest, you will earn a spell which Removes Rank 2 Sentinels. We can finally get rid of the Sentinels too strong for the Rank 1 Banish spell!



Fishing takes patience, but it’s a great way to use your unused energy. 

You can keep your best fish and display them in aquariums, or sell your fish to Lucky Hookline for gold!

Many rare items can be found in fishing chests!

Don’t forget that the fish you see in front of you are not the same fish other Wizards see. Other players cannot catch or scare your fish away. However, if you catch a fish or scare it away, it will be replaced after 15 minutes.

If the pond does not have the right school of fish, scare them away by running in the water and come back later!

Also, remember that the first time you go to an area, they load the names of the fish. Of course, this is hard to see but always keep it in mind about rare and epic fish you are looking for. 

Good luck and let us know how your fishing adventure in Avalon goes!

Next destination: Azteca!

Until then, you can see more information about fishing here.

Good luck!