Ravenwood’s Spiral of Gauntlets

Community House Party!

This Saturday, June 27th, meet us at the Fairegrounds in realm Pixie at Noon EST for a lift to the party house where we will have Gauntlet runs and friendly PvP with the entire Ravenwood Community. Every housing gauntlet in the Spiral and 6 PvP rings are open at this free-to-play party. So, bring your friends and show them around!

Summer Fashion

But wait, that’s not all! This week, join us as we bring back a very special Ravenwood event.  Show off your fabulous summer stitch in the Summer Fun Fashion Competition for a chance at some amazing prizes!

1st Place – 5000 Crowns and a Charmers Mystical Flute
2nd Place – 2.5k Crowns and an Archangels Attire Set
3rd Place – A Sunflower Skimmer Mount

 If you want to be considered for this fashion event send an application in before this Wednesday at Midnight EST. Screenshots will be judged by the Ravenwood Academy Events team and published here for all the Spiral to see!!

Apply Here:
Fabulous Summer Fashion Application

Keep your eye on our Official Social Media channels for more details and updates as the event draws near. 

Our Official Porting Team will be at the Fairegrounds in Realm Pixie. Meet us there and a porting Wizard will bring you to the party!

Farm Castle Gauntlets with help from the Ravenwood Community Helping Henchmen and party with the community. Voice chat is available on Discord so you can hang out with your friends in real-time!

Follow Ravenwood Academy as Amber on Twitch to catch our events and other fun streams.

Available Gauntlets

The Accursed Play Gauntlet
The Great Clock Gauntlet
Grand Tourney Arena
Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet
Spiral Cup Gauntlet
Midnight Sun Pagoda
Winterbane Hall
Fantastic Voyage Expedition
The Doomsday Krok Gauntlet

Porting Wizards

Look for the Official Porting Team at the Fairegrounds in realm Pixie!

Discord Moderator ManaSamantha LifeWhisper
Discord Admin HunterHunter StrongStone
Discord Admin CyclicGavin Bane
Discord Admin TraidAlexander FireBlood
Discord Admin ShadowAmber
Facebook Moderator Kenny – Michael Thunderblood

Add one of these Wizards to get a ticket to the party that will allow you to return all day long!

Helping Henchmen

Our community Helping Henchmen and Staff will be looking for teams that need a hand. We want everyone to have fun. Every level of Wizard is welcome and needed at the event. This might be a great time to start a new Wizard, or teach the game to a family member or friend. Don’t be afraid to ask out loud for a team, we will help you get matched up for maximum farming fun!

Follow our Social Media channels or join us on  Discord for more questions. We can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. I may of lost my Helping Henchman status due to losing membership, but I am still willing to use my Max Storm or Death to help out anyone who will need help during the community day! Just let me know whoch would be preferred, either email or Discord. DaDoc#4842 on Disc, I am a member of the discord as well so that will help contacting if you wish.

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