Shark Week

Happy Shark Week!

Hello Wizards, it’s Erin EagleCaller, and Shark Week is here! All week in Wizard101, we’re celebrating the fantastic sharks of the Spiral!

During this event, you have a chance to catch the Warhammerhead as well as all seven Stubby Sharks. It’s also the perfect time to catch the seasonal fish, the Basking in the Sun Shark! You can find these magnificent fish scattered in various locations throughout the Spiral.

Shark Week comes to the Spiral but once a year. Usually near the end of July or the first week of August. Yet, it’s one of the few times; we can find all the Stubby Sharks together (except the Warhammerhead). It’s a big opportunity for Wizard101’s Fishing enthusiasts. You won’t want to miss it!

In light of this, allow me to fill you in on how you can catch these magical fish.

Warhammerhead and Stubby Sharks

The best spots to find the Warhammerhead and Stubby Sharks are in the Commons and Northguard. Since they’re both Rank 2, use the Rank 2 Winnow to help find them. Then using Reveal Fish School spell to help catch them all.

You’ll want to use the corresponding lure to the shark that you want to catch. I’d suggest a minor or common fishing lure of the same school to capture them.

If you don’t have the Rank 2 Winnow spell, you can get around it using Reveal Fish Rank 1. Because the Warhammerhead and the Stubby Sharks are all Rank 2 fish, the spell won’t mark them. That way, you can be sure that it is a Warhammerhead or Stubby Shark! Remember, all Stubby Sharks are the same rank regardless of school.

Basking in the Sun Shark

Don’t forget to catch the Summer Fish, the Basking in the Sun Shark! They’re staying with us for the entire Summer; if you don’t find one during Shark Week, don’t fret! Remember to snag one before the season ends to complete your shark collection.

The Commons is the best choice for finding the Basking in the Sun Shark. Using reveal fish school, take notice to which are fish are Fire school. Then using any Fire Lure, you’ll want to catch the larger fish in the pond. The Basking in the Sun Shark is almost double the length of your lure, making them easy to spot.

Shark Locations


The Warhammerhead is in Wizard City’s Triton Avenue; yet, they’re not a common catch. So, it’s not the ideal spot to find them.

This shark is also found in Grizzleheim. Look for them in Northguard, Helgrind Warren, Mirkholm Keep, and the Vigrid Roughland.

This fish can be housed in a Regular Aquarium

Stubby Sharks and Basking in the Sun Sharks

Stubby Sharks and Basking in the Sun Sharks have a wide range of fishing spots. They’re in Wizard City, Krokotopia, Mooshu, Grizzleheim, Zafaria, and Avalon.

In Wizard City, they are in the Commons. If you’ve begun the Immortal Games in Aquila, these sharks are also in the Garden of Hesperides.

As for the other worlds, you can find them in the Oasis, the Jade Palace, Northguard, the Baobab Crossroads, and Caliburn.

Although less common, the Basking in the Sun Shark can be found in every Castle or House that has a fishing pond.

Both of these fish can be housed in a Regular Aquarium.

Thanks for Reading!

That’s all for Shark Week this year. Thank you so much for reading our guide. I hope this helps you in your shark hunt, happy fishing!

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