Introduction to Monstrology

What is Monstrology?

Monstrology uses Animus Extraction spells to create Treasure Cards that summon foes to aid you or banish them. You can also use it to make Housing Guests you can place in your Castle. Or, if you prefer, you can fight them again by placing them in your Monstrodome.

What is Animus?

Animus is the magical essence of enemies you’ve defeated with Extraction spells. After gathering specific amounts of Animus, you can use it to craft Treasure Cards that summon those creatures. You can also make treasure cards to banish that particular monster. It can also create Housing Guests, NPC’s you can place in your castle. 

When you collect a new creature’s Animus, it will create a profile for that creature. You can see this profile by pressing “T” to view your Monstrology Tome. This profile will show you the School of the monster, whether its a boss monster and its rank. The more powerful the creature, the higher it’s rank.

Higher ranked monsters will need you to have a certain number of Monstrology ranks to extract their Animus. If your level exceeds that of the beast, there’s a chance for you to obtain extra Animus!

As you can see, The Devourer is a rank 18, and it needs 20 animus to create a summon treasure card, 30 to generate a house guest.

What is the Monstrodome?

The Monstrodome is a place-able pocket arena for your Castle! Here you can fight up to four foes by using Monstrology Treasure Cards. To get started, place your Monstrodome in your Castle and click on it. You will see all your Summon Treasure Cards, pick the ones you want, and appear in the duel circle. 

You can fight the selected creatures as many times as you like with the same treasure card. Remember to choose the right ones! Once the card placed in the Monstrodome, you cannot recover it. Only have four monsters active in one Monstrodome at a time. To put a new monster in the fight, you will have to delete an existing monster from the Monstrodome.

You can buy a Monstrodome in the crowns shop, or you can craft one! Felicia Worthington sells the recipe for it. She can be found in Regent’s Square in Marleybone.

To craft it, you will need the following items.

  • Ten Summon Foulgaze Treasure Cards 
  • Ten Summon Lady Blackhope Treasure Cards
  • Ten Summon Lord Nightshade Treasure Cards 
  • Eighty Sandstone 
  • One Hundred Mist Wood 
  • Twenty-Five Black Lotus 
  • Fifty Brass

If you prefer, you can use Monstrology to decorate your Castle. You can use the animus you’ve collected to create a House Guest of that monster. Once created, you can place it wherever you like within your Castle. There it will remain and roam about your house, like a pet, or mount.

Getting Started!

Currently, there are twelve Animus Extraction Spells. You can buy these spells with Gold, each corresponds to its type of monster.  Molostrologist Burke sells them in the central hub areas throughout the Spiral. The following list will tell you where to find them.

  1. Wizard City: Gobbler, Spider,  Undead
  2. Krokotopia: Colossus, Mander
  3. Grizzleheim: Imp, Treant
  4. Wysteria: Pig
  5. Zafaria: Elephant
  6. Avalon: Wyrm
  7. Azteca: Parrot
  8. Polaris: Polar Bear

You get one point of Animus for making a successful attack with an Extraction spell. A second if point is awarded if that same attack defeats the monster. A third point can be obtained if your Monstrology rank is higher than the monster’s level. And Myth Wizard’s gain an extra point by default. However, you must win the duel to extract the Animus.

It is essential to use the appropriate Extraction spells and have the right level to do so. To gain ranks, you always have to capture Animus one or two points above your current rank. Once you’ve obtained the Animus, you can look it in the Monstrology Tome feature of your backpack. Press “T” to go straight to your Tome.

To start Monstrology, you will need to be at least level twelve. Speak to Monstrologist Burke in Ravenwood, and she’ll give you the quest “Know Thine Enemy.” You will then need to extract a Lost Soul Essence in Unicorn Way. Once you have completed the quest, follow this guide if you want to gain ranks.

Gaining Monstrology Ranks

This guide will show you one of the fastest ways to raise your Monstrology rank. This is not the only way to gain levels, but it is among the quickest. Feel free to experiment and find the strategy that works best for you.
For this guide, you will need the following items.
  • Three Hundred Thousand Gold
  • One Hundred and Fifty Crowns (*Optional for most efficient progression)
  • A Fire, Myth or Storm Wizard with a high Critical Rating
  • A friend to help you (*Optional for the most efficient progression)
Myth Wizards get one more Animus from their Extract Animus spells than other schools. However, feel free to use whatever character you prefer. 

Keep your deck as simple as possible

Your friend should only use Blades, Prism or Traps

Go to Sapphyra´s Tower in Olde Town, buy a Triple Animus Elixir from the Crowns Shop and start capturing Foulgaze till you reach level 5.

Once you reach level 5 go to Colossus Boulevard. Enter and complete Briskbreeze Tower, continue until you reach rank 13.

Go to Azteca and buy the Extract Parrot spell from the Monstrologist Burke in the Zocalo.

For this guide, I chose to capture Splinter Wing in the Cloudburst Forest to reach rank 15, but any Parrot mobs will do.

After you reach rank 15, go to Polaris and buy the Extract Polar Bear spell from the Monstrologist Burke in Walruskberg.

I chose the Gulag Guard in Urville Station to reach rank 17. 

Next, go to Northguard in Grizzleheim and buy the Extract Treant spell from the Monstrologist Burke.

Capturing the Mutant Briar in Empyrea’s Chaos Jungle will take you all the way to max.

When you have gained twenty-four ranks you’ll reach the current maximum rank, Illustrious Monstrologist. 

Thanks for Reading!

I hope this guide has helped you on your way to reaching Illustrious Monstrologist. If you like this guide, please leave a comment below I would love to hear what you have to say! Feel free to share this guide with other Wizards who are looking to learn about Monstrology.

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  1. Extracting from Mutant Briars won’t be able to take you all the way to max rank. You can only get up to 6 ranks above a mob’s rank, and Mutant Briars are Rank 16, so you can only get up to Rank 22 from farming them. You need to farm the bosses in the Catacombs that are Rank 18 to be able to reach Rank 24.

  2. I recommend farming the Whispering Sepulencher Dungeon because it is easy and in addition to a good amount of extract you also collect reagents for crafting dragoon gear

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