Krampus Guide

It’s Christmas in the Spiral! You know what that means? You now have access to the skeleton key boss, Krampus. You can find the dungeon entrance in Wizard City Ravenwood behind the Ice Tree, Kelvin.


When you enter, everything will be decorated and pretty for Christmas.

Until you are caught running in the Halls. Everything turns dark. Now you’ve made Krampus angry and have 3 options to choose from.

  1. Wooden Key Krampus
  2. Stone Key Krampus
  3. Gold Key Krampus
Or, runaway and beg for forgiveness. But we all know that won’t work! So you’re better off confronting him. You might be scared, but no worries! I’ll teach you how to conquer him!

Wooden Key

Behind the Wooden Key option, you will find a Krampus, Rank 6, with health maxing at 4,900.

He Resists to:

  • Fire – 15%
  • Balance – 10%
  • Death – 10%
  • Storm – 10%
  • Myth – 10%

He Boosts to:

  • Ice – 15%
  • Life – 15%

You will not be able to Stun or Beguile him.

Stone Key

Behind the Stone Key option, you will find a Krampus, Rank 11, with health maxing at 15,072.

He Resists to:

  • All schools – 20%

He Boosts to:

  • Ice – 30%
  • Life – 30%

You will not be able to Stun or Beguile him.

Gold Key

Behind the Stone Key option, you will find a Krampus, Rank 15, with health maxing at 30,144.

He Resists to:

  • Fire – 50%
  • Death – 50%
  • Balance – 30%
  • Myth – 30%
  • Storm – 30%

He Boosts to:

  • Ice – 30%
  • Life – 30%

You will not be able to Stun or Beguile him.


  1. Maycast shadow Steal Charm on any blades casted on yourself
    – You can use Aegis the first time to get around this cheat. Any other time could get your unprotected blades stolen.
    – You can also cast Blades on other Wizards. Be warned that he could take your blades if you have any.
  2. Removes Feints
    – Indemnity will not work. Cheat is triggered twice.
  3. At the beginning of every 3rd round, he will dimension shift any traps
  4. Every 5th round minions will be summoned.
  5. Late Rules:
    Wooden: Will cast an enhanced power link
    Stone: Will cast Scald and a -75% accuracy Smoke Mantle
    Gold: Will cast DoT for 1,596 Fire damage over 3 Rounds and a -75% version of Smoke Mantle on the Wizard.


Hitter: Buff up using non-blades. For example, traps and Windstorm or Star school aura spells.

Supporters: Blade up the hitter and get them set up to hit before the 5th round to prevent having to deal with the minions. Supporters should also heal and shield to prevent defeat.

Make sure the person Hitting goes last

Round One: Supporters should begin to set up by casting Elemental or Spirit Blades/Traps and any other Blades/Traps that the hitter can use. The hitter should use any of their school traps.

Round Two: Enchant Blades and Traps using potent/sharpen to increase the damage.

Round Three: One support team member can use the hitters’ school global spell, ex. Time of Legend, or Darkwind, and the rest can continue blading up the hitter. The hitter can use their preferred Star School damage spell, e.g. Frenzy, Berserk etc.

Round Four: This is the round you will want to use any last buffs you have while the hitter attacks with their strongest spell. Preferably a shadow hit if they can and no DoT spells. If you do not have Shadow magic yet and you are the hitter, use your highest damage spell to hit.

Now you know how to beat Krampus, go save Christmas before It’s too late!