Christmas Festival 2018

Join Ravenwood Academy Saturday December 29th at 6pm Eastern to celebrate the season together with all of your community friends. We will be throwing a big house party and everyone is invited! There will be tons of fun for everyone with Gauntlets, PVP, Fishing, Mini Games, Freebie vendors, rides.

We will be in realm Greyrose with porters to take you to the house party! 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment here or email us [email protected]

There will also be prizes, so be sure to come to the event to win some!

The event will also be streamed on our official Twitch channel:

17 thoughts on “Christmas Festival 2018

  1. I can’t Wait for it, A lot of Wizarding fun with friends and others.
    You Best See me there.

    1. Daniel,

      To clarify, we will be meeting in The Commons, Greyrose realm, next Saturday, at 6:00pm.

      Thank you for your concern and have a lovely holiday,
      Peyton Lionheart

    1. Zachary,

      What is intended by this statement is that there will be housing reward stations.

      See you at the event,
      Peyton Lionheart

  2. It will be an awesome time & I know many will show, so come on everyone lets make this a house party to remember with the Community of wizheads from all parts of the World. Remember it’s all about having fun. #KIDS1st

    1. Hullo Moira,

      EST is one hour ahead of CST. In other words, you will need to arrive at 5pm CST. I hope to see you there!

      Have a Merry Christmas,
      Peyton Lionheart

  3. I cannot wait to come and hang on with fellow wizards to celebrate the holidays. I am still unsure whether I will be on my life or my storm then. But I will show up.

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