Crafting101 – Zafaria

Today we will craft two Conga Drums and two Spirit Caller Drums for the quest "Drum a Little Drum"

Welcome back to Crafting101, young Wizard! Congratulations on achieving your Grandmaster Artisan Badge. You are now well on your way to becoming a Legendary Crafter. The Zafaria crafting quest is unlike any other crafting quest. You cannot complete this quest by teleporting to a friend to access the trainer early as you could with the others. You must complete the quest “To Market, To Market,” before being able to collect his quest.

Koyate Ghostmane

After completing ‘To Market, To Market,” Koyate Ghostmane will have the quest for you. You can find him near the large hollow log in Baobab Market. He is the first lion you see when you enter the area. Once you talk to him, you get the quest “Drum a Little Drum.” This quest requires you to craft two Spirit Caller Drums. The recipe for the Spirit Caller Drums will automatically go into your recipe book.

You will notice that you need Conga Drums for the Spirit Caller Drums recipe. These will also need to be crafted. Gearwise sells the Conga Drum recipe for 4,755 gold. You can find him in Survey Camp, Celestia.

The Recipes

There are many reagents required to craft both of these drums. Below is a list of all the reagents you will need in order to craft them.

Conga Drum

You need two Conga Drums to make the two Spirit Caller Drums. In previous worlds, we crafted two items twice. Now we will learn how to craft items that are an ingredient in other recipes. This is an essential tool if you plan to craft a house, such as The Wyrd or The Treetop Getaway.

Legion Shield

The Spirit Caller Drums need 8 Legion Shield treasure cards between them. These have a chance of being harvested from White Tiger Lillies or Missile Toe plants. If you’re lucky, you may find this Treasure Card in the Bazaar. It’s price ranges from 540 gold to 1013 gold.

You can farm Winter Skulls in Nordrilund and Nastrond for a chance at this treasure card. These places are in Wintertusk, Grizzleheim.


Our Conga Drum recipe requires four Giant treasure cards. The easiest place to find this treasure card is from the Archivist in Celestia. You can also harvest Giant from Sunion plants.
Dromel Merchant, Lost & Found, and the Treasure Chest all have this item as one of their daily rewards. Avery Templeton’s treasure card recipe is listed below under ‘Transmute Recipes.’


The bright violet accent in the Conga Drums requires 2 Amethysts. Amethysts aren’t found in the Spiral. Buy them from vendors like Al Saf’wan or Campbell Hodgson for 15 gold per gem. Harvesting plants such as the Fortune Cookie Tree, Ivy League, and Snap Dragon can also give you this card.

Perfect Onyx

The Spirit Caller Drum recipe requires 4 Perfect Onyx. Noxolo Fasttrack and other reagent vendors sell them for 100 gold each. Noxolo lives within the large hollow log in Baobob Market, Zafaria. Additionally, Perfect Onyx may harvest from Ivy League and Maelstrom Snap Dragons.

Crystal Vial

The Conga Drums recipe needs 2 Crystal Vials. It is a pricey reagent when bought from a vendor or the Bazaar. The vendors in Wysteria, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre sell them for 330 gold.

Buying them from the Bazaar can cost between 165 to 1650 gold each. Their cost depends on how many are available. Harvesting Pink Dandelion can also get you some of these vials.

Pristine Vial

Four Pristine Vials are in the Spirit Caller Drum recipe. Pristine Vials are either bought or harvested. Archytas sells these for 500 gold each. Also, if you grow the Maelstrom Snap Dragon, you will have a chance at harvesting this item.

Black Pearl

There are 28 Black Pearls in our Spirit Caller Drum recipe. Black Pearls are a challenging reagent to find. It can be a rare harvest from Black Lotus or regular Pearl. You can also buy Black Pearl from Diego for 175 arena tickets. The Bazaar has them available for 188 – 1875 gold each.

A few gardening options are: Alligator Pear Tree, Deadly Fly Trap, King Parsley, and Ultra Tiger Lily. The transmute Recipe is listed below.

Golden Pearl

The gold accent in the Spirit Caller Drums calls for 16 Golden Pearls. These are a rare harvest from pearls found in many underwater places in the Spiral. This includes Stormriven Hall, The Grotto, The Portico and Waterworks in Crab Alley.
This reagent can be harvested from Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Evil Magma Peas, Deadly Helephant Ears, and Fickle Pickles. The Gorilla, Minotaur, Magic Eggs, and Dragonfly all have this item as one of their daily rewards. The transmute recipe is listed below.


18 Sunstones are required for our Spirit Caller Drum recipe. These are a rare harvest from sandstone.

Sunstone is harvestable from Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Evil Magma Peas, Fickle Pickle, and Deadly Helephant Ears. The transmute recipe is listed below.


12 Aether will be required in order to complete both sets of drums. This is a rare harvest from Kelp and Shells. You may harvest this reagent from Deadly Helephant Ears, Evil Magma Peas, Fickle Pickle, King Parsley, and Maelstrom Snap Dragon.

You also might get this reagent from housing rewards. This includes The Dragonfly Ride, Dromel Merchant, Giant Gorilla and the Horn of Plenty. If you have arena tickets, Diego sells Aether for 200 tickets each. The transmute recipe is listed below.


16 Shells are in our Conga Drum recipe. This reagent is common in Celestia. Shells can be found in places such as Base Camp, Stormriven, District of the Stars and The Grotto. They’re also in Wizard City’s own sunken Triton Avenue, Crab Alley.

You may be lucky enough to harvest this reagent from Fickle Pickles and Maelstorm Snap Dragons. The transmute recipe is below.


24 Fossils are required to craft our Conga Drums. This is a rare harvest from Stone Blocks. They can be found in places like Stone Town and Waterfront, Zafaria. Buying this reagent from the Bazaar can range from 100-1000 gold each. The transmute recipe is listed below.


The Conga Drum recipe requires 8 scales. You might harvest this reagent from Maelstrom Snap Dragons. Additionally, there is a chance to receive this item from The Magic Eggs housing reward instance. This reagent goes for 400-4000 gold in the Bazaar. You can find the transmute recipe below.

Transmute recipes


Giant is available from Avery Templeton in Base Camp, Celestia. You can buy it for 150 gold. The recipe requires 1 Peridot, 5 Pearl, and 3 Black Lotus for each Giant treasure card.

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl transmute recipe is available from Toshio in the Jade Palace, Mooshu. It sells for 400 gold. You will need 15 Black Lotus per pearl.

Golden Pearl

15 white pearls make up a golden pearl. Avery Templeton sells this recipe for 600 gold.


Sandstone can create sunstone. Sandstone is a rare drop from Stone Blocks. Sandstone is common in the Savannah and Stone Town. You can also find it in the Khonda Desert. This recipe is available from Avery Templeton for 150 gold.


You can make Aether with 15 kelp. Kelp is located in Celestia and Crab Alley. The recipe is available from Avery Templeton for 600 gold.


Shells can be created with 10 Scrap Iron. This recipe is sold by Avery Templeton for 600 gold. Scrap Iron can be collected in Marleybone.


This recipe requires 15 Stone Blocks. It is available from Balthazar Dragonthorn in The Atheneum, Dragonspyre for 200 gold. Stone Blocks can be found in Celestia and many other places in the Spiral.


Scales can be created by using 5 Fish Fins. Transmute Fin uses 5 Scales. Both recipes are sold by Avery Templeton for 800 gold.


Now that you have all of your ingredients go back to your Housing Crafting Station. Craft the Conga Drums, then the Spirit Caller Drums. Once you have turned in the quest you will be awarded 7,981 gold and your Legendary Artisan badge. Congratulations, young Wizard! 

Thank you Starlights, for joining me in crafting and collecting reagents! Catch our next edition of Crafting101 in Azteca, where we will craft an Eagle War Shield.