Crafting101 – Khrysalis

Tonight we will learn how to craft an Ornate Burrower Chair for Stendhill Hammertail's quest, “Stop! Hammertail.”

Welcome back to Crafting101, young Wizard! The next step in your crafting journey is Promethean Crafter! This stage comes after you earn the Transcendent Crafter badge. Like most crafting quests, you may teleport to a friend to reach Stendhill Hammertail. Otherwise, you will reach Stendhill while questing through Khrysalis. Khrysalis is home to many great recipes, so be sure to keep an eye out for the many vendors you’ll meet on your journey!

Stendhill Hammertail

Find Oztomeca in Silent Market, Khrysalis. He will assign you the next quest, called “Stop! HammerTail” This quest has you craft one Ornate Burrower Chair. The recipe is available for 45,000 gold.

The Recipe

Below is a list of all the reagents needed to craft an Ornate Burrower Chair along with their locations.

Deep Mushroom

Ten Deep Mushrooms are first on our recipe. This is a common reagent found throughout Wizard City, Krokotopia, Mooshu, and Grizzleheim. You can harvest this reagent from Boom Shrooms, Burning Snap Dragons, Fickle Pickle, and Dandelions. They’re sometimes available in the Bazaar!

Perfect Jade

Six Perfect Jades will bedazzle the chair. You can buy this reagent from Canica Sweet Chile, Archytas, or Noxolo Fasttrack for 100 gold per Perfect Jade. You might also harvest this reagent from Ivy League and Maelstrom Snap Dragons.

Comet Tail

Eight Comet Tails will give the chair some glimmer. Like other harvests, Comet Tail can be collected in areas of Khrysalis. You can collect this reagent in Crescent Beach, Khonda Desert, Sardonyx, and The Shadow Palace. This reagent is also dropped from mobs in Khrysalis, such as The Common Killer. In the Bazaar, this reagent goes for 400 to 4000 gold.


Four dazzling Sunstones also contribute to the making of the chair. These are a rare harvest from Sandstone and can be found in either Khonda Desert or Last Wood. I would also search the Halley’s Observatory instance in Marleybone. Sunstone is sometimes a harvest reward from Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Evil Magma Peas, Fickle Pickle, and Deadly Helephant Ears. While sometimes it can be found in the Bazaar, Sunstone can be bought with 200 Arena Tickets from Diego the Duelmaster.

The Transmute Recipe is listed below.


Seven Turquoise will add accent color to the recipe. Turquoise will be the hardest reagent to get on the list. You may want to farm the bosses of Xibalba or other bosses in Azteca to get this reagent. Aquilan bosses, like the Gladiator in The Pit of The Noxii, also have excellent drop rates for Turquoise. You might be lucky and find some in the Bazaar!

Golden Pearl

Six Golden Pearls will give off that nice golden look. These are a rare harvest that you can find from pearls in Stormriven Hall, The Grotto, The Portico, and Waterworks, Crab Alley. They are also able to be harvested from Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Evil Magma Peas, Deadly Helephant Ears, and Fickle Pickles. The Gorilla, Minotaur, Magic Eggs, and Dragonfly all have this item as one of their daily rewards. It’s also available in the Bazaar!

The Transmute Recipe is listed below.


Five Ore will complete our recipe. This is a common reagent, notably found throughout Wizard City, Krokotopia, and Dragonspyre. It can also be harvested from plants such the Dandelion, Fickle Pickle, Helephant Ears, and Snap Dragon. This reagent is rarely in the Bazaar because of its demand, but you might be lucky to find a few!

Transmute Recipes

Golden Pearl

Golden Pearls can be created with 15 normal Pearls. These Pearls can be found in aquatic places, such as Crab Alley, Wizard City’s Stormriven Hall, The Portico, and The Grotto in Celestia. This recipe is sold for 600 gold by Avery Templeton in Survey Camp, Celestia.


Sunstone can be created with 15 Sandstone. This recipe is available from Avery Templeton for 150 gold in Survery Camp, Celestia.


Now that you have all your ingredients, go back to your Housing Crafting Station and begin making the Ornate Burrower Chair. Once you turn in the quest, you will be awarded 1 crafting time slot, 150 gold, 23,245 experience points, and your Promethean Crafter badge. Congratulations, young Wizard!

Thank you, Starlights, for joining me in crafting and collecting reagents! Catch our next edition of Crafting101 in The Arcanum with Ignus Ferric.