Crafting101 – Dragonspyre | Pt 1

We’re back with another Crafting101 issue. Lets explore the crafting quests in one of my favorite main worlds, Dragonspyre!

Balthazar Dragonthorn

The next crafting badge you can earn is your Master Artisan badge, but first, you must complete all of the crafting quests Balthazar Dragonthorn gives you. Balthazar is found to your right after you cross the bridge entering the Atheneum.

The first quest he gives you is called Two-Ring Circus. For this quest, you will need to craft 2 Rings of Apotheosis. To craft these rings, you will need an Equipment Crafting Station. It is available for 1,500 gold in the Furniture stores in Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre.

Balthazar’s crafting quests are more difficult than Toshio’s were. He not only asks you to craft the 2 rings of Apotheosis but also 2 robes specifically for your school and 2 pieces of furniture. This quest will require the Housing Crafting Station which is available for 1,500 gold from the Furniture Stores in Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre.

The Recipes

The recipes themselves aren’t too difficult to complete. The biggest obstacle is gathering the rare reagents such as Diamond, Nightshade and Blood Moss which can be difficult to find or aquire.

The first recipe, Ring of Apothosis, only has three ingredients. Balthazar starts you off with something simple.

Below is the Recipe for Ring of Apotheosis. With needing to craft 2 rings, you will need to double the reagents.   

Below is a picture of your second crafting quest recipe. The robe you are given in this quest all depends on what school you are. I am a Life Wizard so I was given the Needle and the Vine quest. Other schools will get:

  1. STORM – Needle and Rain: Craft 2 Raintree Uniforms
  2. ICE – Needle and Frost: Craft 2 Thunderchill Cloaks
  3. FIRE – Needle and Flame: Craft 2 Grimblaze Vestments
  4. DEATH – Need and Bone: Craft 2 Duskwind Tunics
  5. MYTH – Needle and Fate: Craft 2 Bright Surcoats of the Paragon
  6. LIFE – Needle and vine: Flamesoul Cloak
  7. BALANCE – Needle and Luck: Craft 2 Cloaks of Weighty Grief 

The only recipe available for purchase from Balthazar is the Flamesoul Cloak. You will need to craft 2 of each robe so again you will need to double your reagents.

The third and final quest from Balthazar is Iron Craft Dragonspyre. You will need the recipe Crimson Book Stand from Toshio in Mooshu. You will need to craft 2 of these to finally receive your Master Artisan Badge. 

Gathering the Reagents

Now, the fun part begins! For me, it took some time to gather all of the reagents needed. For the first recipe, Ring of Apotheosis, you will need:

Ghost Fire

Ghost fire is best bought from a reagents vendor. In fact, Zoltan Nightstone, who is standing nearing Balthazar, sells them for 100 gold a piece. The Bazaar also has them available and can cost anywhere from 50 to 500 gold. If you happen to have any Burning Snap Dragon, they drop Ghost Fire. If you are in a hurry to rank up, I would recommend buying them from a vendor or the Bazaar whichever works best for you. 


I found Diamond to be the most difficult reagent to gather. You can find them in Ore as a rare harvest, or transmute Ore to create them. Ore spawns all over the spiral. It’s all about finding the hot spots. The Atheneum usually has 2 that you can harvest and the Cave of Solitude, in Mooshu, has around 3-4. Jumping from realm to realm makes it easier and quicker to gather the reagents you need in an area like these. They are available at the Bazaar, but they are quick to go, so if you see any – buy them as fast as you can! They usually cost anywhere from 100 – 1,000 gold. There are also several plants that could drop Diamond when you harvest them: Burning Snap Dragon, Deadly Helephant Ears, Fickle Pickle, Frozen Fly Trap, King Parsley, and the list goes on.

Black Lotus

Black Lotus can also be a difficult reagent to find. Mostly found in Mooshu, once you find a few, I would switch through different realms to find as many as you can in that spot. If you still can’t get enough, it is available at the Bazaar when you’re lucky usually selling anywhere from 43 to 425 gold, depending on how many are available. 

So in total for this recipe, you will need:

  • Ghost Fire – 18
  • Diamond – 30
  • Black Lotus – 40

Now, the second recipe varies depending on your wizards’ school. As we covered earlier, there are 7 different quest variations. We will cover the other variations next week. Since I am a Life Wizard, I will cover the reagents needed for the quest Needle and the Vine. For this quest you must craft the Flamesoul Cloak.

Nature's Wrath TC

Nature’s Wrath is a popular treasure card available at the Bazaar. These TC’s usually sell for around 300-400 gold each. You can also get it from harvesting Bamboo Shoots, Fickle Pickle, Fortune Cookie Tree, Purple Grapes of Wrath and Queen Crape Myrtle.
If you can’t find it at the Bazaar, Zan’ne in the Krokotopian Library has them available for 400 gold each.


Ruby is an easy reagent to find. The vendors in Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Wysteria, and Mooshu have it available for 15 gold each.
You can also buy it from the Bazaar from 8 to 75 gold. 
If you have any Ivy League, Snap Dragon or Ultra Dandelion there is a possibility you could get Ruby when you harvest them.

Crystal Vial

Crystal Vial is a pricey reagent when bought from a vendor and the Bazaar. The vendors in Wysteria, Mooshu and Dragonspyre sell them for 330 gold where as buying them from the Bazaar can cost between 165 to 1650 gold each, depending on how many are listed available. Harvesting Pink Dandelion can also get you some of these vials.


Ectoplasm is a tricky reagent. Battling different bosses in Mooshu and Dragonspyre can reward you with Ectoplasm but it is not guaranteed every battle. Buying it from the Bazaar is much quicker unless you enjoy farming. It retails for 25 – 250 gold each. Harvesting Baby Carrots, Orange Dandelion, Ultra Snap Dragon and Ultra Trumpet Vine will give you the chance of Ectoplasm at harvest.

Frost Flower

I would say Frost Flower is a fairly popular reagent that spawns all over the spiral in its cold and icy places. It is especially easy to find in Grizzleheim and Wintertusk and there is always a frost flower near the Ice Tree, Kelvin, in Ravenwood! rost flower can be found at the Bazaar, prices ranging anywhere from 33 to 325 gold each. Harvesting Evil Snow Peas, Fickle Pickle, Frozen Fly Trap, Orange Dandelion, Snow Apples, Honey Bee Plant and Boon Tree will increase your chances of harvesting a Frost Flower.

Black Pearl

I found Black Pearl to be a challenging reagent to find. It can be gathered as a rare harvest from black lotus or pearl. It can also be transmuted. You can also purchase Black Pearl from Diego 175 arena tickets. The Bazaar has them available but they are quick to go, so if they are available buy them quickly. They usually sell for anywhere from 188 – 1875 gold each. A few gardening options are Alligator Pear Tree, Deadly Fly Trap, King Parsley, Ultra Tiger Lily, and the list goes on.

Stone Block

Stone block is one of the easiest reagents in the game to find.Two of them spawn right in the Athaneum where you get the quest! The Bazaar has them selling from 18 to 175 gold a piece, you can even buy a bundle of 100 from the Crowns Shop for 499 Crowns. Burning Snap Dragon, Dandelion, Fickle Pickle, Snap Dragon and Tiger Lily all drop this reagent.

So in total for this recipe, you will need:

  • Nature’s Wrath TC – 12 
  • Ruby – 28
  • Crystal Vial – 6
  • Ectoplasm – 24
  • Frost Flower – 30
  • Black Pearl – 16
  • Stone Block – 20

Now for the last recipe. The Quest is called Iron Craft Dragonspyre and you have to craft 2 Crimson Book Stands.

Fire Elf TC

The Fire Elf TC is a very popular TC dropped by low ranked enemies. A popular boss to farm is the Kraken, located in Triton Avenue. It can be bought from the Bazaar from 113 gold each. If you can’t find any available at the Bazaar, Harold Argleston in the Wizard City Library has them for you at 250 gold a piece, Zan’ne the Krokotopian Librarian has them selling at the same price. They can be harvested from Bell Pepper and Helephant Ears.

Shadow Oil

Shadow Oil is best bought from a vendor. Vendors in Krokotopia, Marleybone, Wysteria, Mooshu and Dragonspyre sell Shadow Oil at 20 gold each. It can also be harvested from Orange Dandelion.

Glass Vial

Glass Vial is also best purchased from a vendor. Vendors in Krokotopia, Marleybone, Wysteria, Mooshu and Dragonspyre have them available for 125 gold each where the Bazaar could be anywhere from 63 to 625 gold each. There is a chance of receiving Glass Vial’s from harvesting Burning Snap Dragon too!

Cat Tail

Cat Tail is a very popular and easy reagent to find. They spawn just about anywhere in the Spiral where there is water. If you are having trouble finding them, they sell from 18 to 175 gold at the Bazaar! They can be harvested from Dandelion, Pink Dandelion, Tiger Lily and Honey Bee Plant!


Nightshade is actually a rare harvest from Deep Mushroom! Deep Mushroom is a reagent that can be found all over the spiral, however, Mooshu is the world where Deep Mushrooms likes to spawn most! If you aren’t having much luck finding Deep Mushroom by the road in Mooshu, the Bazaar is the best place to try next. Nightshade sells from 100 to 1000 gold each, but they are very rare. If you find them available be super quick to buy them! If you are still struggling to find Nightshade, harvesting Burning Snap Dragon, Ultra Ninja Fig, Honey Bee Plant and Fickle Pickle will increase the chances of you getting more Nightshade. You can also transmute 15 deep mushrooms into your needed Nightshade. 

Blood Moss

Blood Moss, another rare reagent. Actually a rare harvest from Red Mandrake. Red Mandrake spawns frequently in Wizard City’s Colossus Boulevard, Nightside, Sunken City, Firecat Alley, Haunted Cave and Cyclops Lane. If you have Azteca unlocked, it can be found there too! The Bazaar sells Blood Moss from 150 – 1500 gold each but it is one of those rare reagents that sell like hot cakes! Harvesting from Deadly Fly Trap, Ultra Ninja Fig, Honey Bee Plant, Pink Dandelion and Fickle Pickle will hopefully grant you some Blood Moss, or you can transmute 15 Red Mandrake at the crafting station to make 1 Blood Moss. 

Black Pearl is also needed for this recipe. So in total, you will need:

  • Fire Elf TC – 6
  • Shadow Oil – 6
  • Glass Vial – 2
  • Cat Tail – 72
  • Nightshade – 24
  • Blood Moss – 20
  • Black Pearl – 12

Transmute Recipes

Transmute Recipes are recipes you can buy from various Recipe Vendors around the spiral! They take a number of common reagents and craft them into a single desired rare reagent! You will need the Card Crafting Station which is available for purchase from the Furniture stores in Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre for 1,500 gold. I found these recipes extremely helpful when trying to find Nightshade, Diamond and Blood Moss. I just crafted them and problem solved!



The Diamond Transmute Recipe is available from Felicia Worthington in Marleybone – Regent’s Square. Selling at 200 gold. You will need 15 Ore. 



The Black Lotus Transmute Recipe is available from Toshio in Mooshu – Jade Palace. Selling for 300 gold. You will need 10 Cat Tail and 10 Ore. 



The Ectoplasm Transmute Recipe is available from Balthazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre – The Athaneum. Selling for 150 gold. You will need 5 Leather Straps.



The Frost Flower Transmute Recipe is available from Torald Wayfinder in Grizzleheim – Northguard. Selling for 300 gold. You will need 10 Mist Wood and 10 Stone Block.




The Black Pearl Transmute Recipe is available from Toshio in Mooshu – Jade Palace. Selling for 400 gold. You will need 15 Black Lotus.



The Nightshade Transmute Recipe is available from Wul’yahm in Krokotopia – The Oasis. Selling for 200 gold. You will need 15 Deep Mushroom. 



The Blood Moss Transmute Recipe is available from Eudora Tangletree in Wizard City – Olde Town. Selling for 400 gold. You will need 15 Red Mandrake. 

That concludes our walk through of the Dragonspyre Crafting Quests! Next stop, Celestia! Where we will meet with Pierce Stanson, the Grandmaster Artisan! See you in the next article!

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