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Recently, the Ravenwood Academy staff had the pleasure of spending some time with Renee Wooten aka Renee Wooften, one of the Associate Producers at KingsIsle. After spending 3 years answering customer inquiries, in-game issues, billing concerns, and bug reports and then becoming an Associate Producer we decided that she had an interesting perspective we would like to hear more about. We really appreciate her taking the time to answer our questions and can’t wait to see what exciting things she brings to the team in the future. Also, what IS she up to in Olde Towne at that tunnel??? Let’s see if we can find out. 

Q. Empyrea Part 2 added Whirlyburly, can you tell us if there are any plans to build on and expand it to make it more appealing?
A. We always envisioned Whirlyburly to be something that we wanted to expand upon depending on how players received it. I hope we get a chance to expand upon it and would love to continue getting feedback from players on the forums!

Q. Can you tell us if there are any plans for updates to keep the current influx of players interested, or will we be continuing to mainly see the big half-year updates?
A. We always strive to balance out quality of life and content updates. Quality of life is typically revisiting systems that are already in place and how we can make them more enjoyable or accessible to players. 

Q.  Have you heard of any plans to create further side content? (like pvp, whirlyburly, fishing, gardening)
A. We are in constant conversation about creating new side content. 😉

Q. Will we continue to see graphics updates in the worlds past Wizard City?
A. Currently, there are no plans to expand past Wizard City. This does not mean it could not potentially change in the future.

Q.Will we see more of these crowns events? Will we get other different types of events in the future? 
A. We are always trying to brainstorm different events and have always wanted to reward our players that choose to not be members, but also maintain the value of having a membership. We are looking into making adjustments to future events in hopes to make it more rewarding based on feedback from the community. 

Q. Will we ever see a new side world like Grizzleheim and Wysteria?
A. There’s always a possibility. 🙂

Q. Can you give us any hints about what other exciting surprises are coming to the Spiral in 2019?

A. We are currently still working on a solid plan for the year, but it’s going to be exciting and ambitious once again. Hopefully we’ll have more to share in the coming months.

4 thoughts on “Renee Wooften Interview

  1. So basically her answers are: “maybe; probably not; maybe; probably not; maybe, who knows and maybe.” I realize they don’t want to give away development plans, but really, it would be nice to get a straight answer once in a while from somebody at KI. Anyway, thanks for at least trying to get us some new info.

  2. What is the tunnel going to be? And is there going to be any way to pictures of the inside. I would love to see the tunnel. Well the tunnel be tough I am level 105 ice wizard. Thank you for informing us on the updates. Can you also give us a date of the tunnel releasement. Thank you for all you do.

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