Skeleton Key Spiral Tour

Do you have plenty of Wooden, Stone or Gold Skeleton keys?

Have you collected so many Skeleton Keys that you don’t know what to do with them? Or, maybe you just earned your first key and can’t wait to use it!?

This guide will take you on a tour of every Key Room in the Spiral. You will discover chances at rare and special drops and collect many cool badges on the way! So, let’s get going!

Wizard City – Olde Town – Roberto’s Sanctum

Roberto’s Sanctum is found in Roberto’s Lair in Olde Town, Wizard City. It requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter, and contains Roberto. Wizards first come here during the quest Unlocking the Truth to retrieve a family heirloom for Diego the Duelmaster.

Roberto brings you the first place to farm for 7 Day mounts like Enchanted Broom, Horned Sweeper, Purple Glider or a cool wands like Roberto’s Rapier. You may also receive an Adept’s, or Novice’s Socket Wrench, or a Wooden Skeleton Key which will enable you to return again.

Wizard City – Crab Alley – Crab Alley Wooden Key Room

The Crab Alley Wooden Key Room is found immediately upon entering Crab Alley from Triton Avenue in Wizard City. It requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter, and contains the boss, Spirit of Ignorance.

This is a good spot to farm for cool stitching gear like Rhapsodist’s Cap, and the Purple Fairy Wings mount. There is a good chance of getting Wooden or Stone Skeleton Keys.

Strategy: If a Wizard is late to join the duel, Feckless Soul will cheat-cast a spell that steals one pip. Use blades and traps to defeat this Boss.

Wizard City – Sunken City – Simon’s Workshop Stone Skeleton Room

Simon’s Workshop is in the Sunken City, near the entrance from Nightside. Defeating this cheating boss will earn the Simon’s Bane badge.

 Farm Simon’s Workshop for Hairstyles like The Dreamweaver, The Manticore, The Restless Titan, The Raven Eye, and more.Daniel’s Answer of Life, a wand with five percent pierce can be found here. Housing Items like White King Chesspiece, Pets like Fierce Hound, Snacks, Couch Potato Seeds and many 7 Day Mounts like Ancient Koy, Bat Wings, Hippogriff, and Purple Glider. There is also a chance of getting Stone Skeleton Keys.

Strategy: If a Wizard joins the duel after the second round the Boss will cast Mana Burn. Place the hitter in the last position, use first and second round to blade, trap and feint. Don’t blade yourself or he will remove them, blade the hitter. Hit on the third round to finish the battle.

Wizard City – Castle Darkmoor – Castle Darkmoor Gold Key Room

The Castle Darkmoor Gold Key Room is found in the stairway leading up to the observatory inside Castle Darkmoor, and requires a Gold Skeleton Key to enter. It can be accessed after the duel with Sir Blackwater and contains a Locked Chest.

Castle Darkmoor is an excellent place to farm for level 100 Mastery Amulets like the Death Mastery, Howling Werewolf’s Collar. The Mastery Amulets that drop here provide accuracy, damage, and a handy Shadow Shield. A few other notable drops include Gold Skeleton Keys and the Soulful Knight pet.

Wizard City – Castle Darkmoor – Upper Halls Gold Key Room

The Upper Halls Gold Key room is found on the spiral staicase following the first fight. It requires a Gold Skeleton Key, and contains the boss, Bunferatu. Defeating Bunferatu grants the Bunferatu’s Downfall badge.

This Room is a good place to farm for level 100 Rings with 10% Damage like the Spirit of Darkmoor’s Band or the Band of the Cold Grave. Pets, Snacks, there is also a chance of getting Gold Skeleton Keys.

Strategy: Place the hitter last. Blade the first two rounds, no traps. Trap and Feint on the third round, then hit on the fourth. You can use any blades or traps you have on the hit round.

Wizard City – Castle Darkmoor – Graveyard Gold Key Room

The Graveyard Gold Key Room is inside the Graveyard instance, in the first area with Yevgeny NightCreeper. It requires a Gold Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, Aphrodite II. Defeating Aphrodite grants the Flower Power badge.

Aphrodite II drops the best level 100 damage ringsIt is also a good spot for Energy Gear and the Life spell Sacred Charge. There is a chance to get your key back, and you will need to farm with a full team of Wizards in order to defeat this Boss.

Strategy: Check out Ravenwood Academy’s guide including deck set-up tips and strategies for every position here.

Wizard City – The Catacombs – Fathomless Tomb

The Fathomless Tomb Gold Key Room is inside the Catacombs, in the left corridor opposite to Viggor’s Tomb. It requires a Gold Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, Fellspawn. Fellspawn grants different badges depending on the number of times you defeat him!

This is the place to farm if you are looking for the Vanguard’s Gear like Vanguard’s Shocking Boots, it also drops Dragoon’s Sets and Gold Skeleton Keys.

Strategy: Do not use blades. Use Feint, Mass Feint or traps instead. Fellspawn has two phases; Storm and Moon. While he is in either phase, your Wizard cannot blade. When he is in his Moon phase your Wizard cannot place traps on him, but previously placed traps will not be removed. The ideal team uses two hitters. One to focus on the boss, and other to focus on minions. Bad Juju and other weaknesses can be helpful here to reduce this Boss’s outgoing damage.

Wizard City – Ravenwood – Krampusgarten (Wooden, Stone, Gold Lock)

The Yuletide Feasting Hall connects to the following three instances, where Krampus can be fought:

  • Krampusgarten (Wooden Lock)
  • Krampusgarten (Stone Lock)
  • Krampusgarten (Gold Lock)

Krampus can be found during the Christmas event in:

Ravenwood, Colossus Boulevard, Celestia Base Camp, and Walruskberg Harbor.

This Room is a good place to farm for the Krampus’ Tolltaker wand, Christmas Items like the Yuletide Wood Paneling, Pets like Maple Moose or SnowballChristmas Seeds, and Mounts like Blue, Green and Red Candy-Canes

Strategy: The hitter should enter last. The team should blade the hitter to finish with a single attack on the third round. Krampus will remove any blades you cast on yourself, but not blades cast on someone else. To avoid Beguile, use a single attack. The hitter may blade himself using Aegis. Do not use Feint of any kind.

Drop list

Krokotopia – The Oasis – Sapoti’s Landing Wooden Skeleton Room

Sapoti’s Treasure Chamber is accessed from the Skeleton Key Room known as Sapoti’s Landing. The chamber contains a master-thief named Sapoti and his minion, who managed to lock themselves inside. Defeating them earns the Sapoti’s Savior badge.

Farm Sapoti’s Landing for level 15 Wands like the Fenix Ashen Staff , which gives two percent damage. Other drops include the Foxy Dragon Pet, Krokotopian Housing Items and the Adept’s or Expert’s Socket Wrench. Wooden Skeleton Keys also return here.

Krokotopia – The Oasis – Ra’s Reading Room Wooden Skeleton Room

Ra’s Reading Room is accessed from Ra’s Landing inside the Library in the Oasis, Krokotopia. It requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter and contains the boss, Ra. Defeating Ra grants the Reading Room Roustabout badge.

This Room is a popular place to farm mounts like the Camel, Crokagator, Mander Palanquin, and the Moonlight, StarlightStarshine and Sunshine Ponies. Wizards also farm here for level twenty Crowns gear, and Crowns wands. Other drops include Krokotopian housing itemsAmber, pets such as Mummy Cat, and seeds including Key Lime or Sunion. Adept’s or Expert’s Socket Wrench and Wooden Skeleton Keys finish out the offerings found here.

Krokotopia – Kembaalung Village – Pagoda of Harmony Wooden Key Room

The Pagoda of Harmony Wooden Key Room is accessed from inside the Pagoda of Harmony instance, following the duel with Tsutsui. It requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter and contains a Locked Chest.

This room is a good place to farm for popular level 20 amulets like the Kembaalung Blizzard Charm. Rings like the Monk’s Ring of Dedication, Three percent damage wands, and Crowns pets like Red Panda or Lavender Foo Dog. There is also a good chance of getting Wooden Skeleton Keys.

Krokotopia – Kembaalung Village – Hollow Mountain Wooden Key Room

The Hollow Mountain Wooden Key Room is inside the Hollow Mountain instance. You will find it following the first fight with the Hoof Ninjas in Hamakala’s Mausoleum. It requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, Temple Phantom. Defeating the Temple Phantom grants the Phantom’s Menace badge.

Kembaalung is a good place to farm for the Gold, Blue or Silver Kirin Mount and the Band of Harmony Ring. The only ring that gives 2% universal resistance to Balance! There is also a chance of getting Wooden Skeleton Keys.

Krokotopia – Lower Zigazag – Lower Zigazag Stone Key Room

The Lower Zigazag Stone Key Room is in the Lower Zigazag, following the first fight with the Ravenous Teeth. It requires a Stone Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, In’Zhizor. Defeating In’Zhizor grants the In’Zhizor’s Undoing Badge.

Farm here for 38% block and 2% pierce Wands like the Eternal Verses of Anubis. Damage Athameslike the 8% Ammit’s Claw of Revolution can also be found. Wooden Skeleton Keys sometimes return here, so bring your friends.

Krokotopia – Lower Zigazag – Lower Zigazag Wooden Key Room

The Lower Zigazag Wooden Key Room is located inside the Lower Zigazag instance, behind the second set of caged Manders. It can be accessed with a Wooden Skeleton Key, after defeating the Ravenous Teeth (Death), and contains a Locked Chest.

This Room is a good place to farm for some of the best level 60 Amulets like the Charm of the Soul Devourer. School specific Amulets that will give you health, 2% damage, and blade item cards. Pets like the Mummy Cat or Royal Ibis drop here, there is also a chance of getting Wooden or Stone Skeleton Keys.

Krokotopia – Upper Zigazag – House of Scales Stone Key Room

The House of Scales Stone Key Room is inside the House of Scales instance, following the second fight with the Condemned Soldiers. It requires a Stone Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, Bellosh. Defeating Bellosh grants the Caged the Elephant badge.

The House of Scales is a good place to farm for the only level 60 Deck that gives 1% Accuracy with a Triangle Socket. You can also get the Mander Palanquin Mount, and there is a good chance of getting Stone Skeleton Keys.

Strategy: One Wizard should hit Bellosh every single round to prevent him from casting Ra. Then, kill him as fast as possible using any traps or blades you like.

Marleybone – Barkingham Palace – Main Hall Wooden Key Room

The Main Hall Wooden Key Room is found on the second level of the Main Hall instance and requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter. It can be accessed after the duel with Chief Whip and contains a Locked Chest.

This Room is a good place to farm for level fourty rings like the Marleybone Fog, athames like the Royal Athame of Duality, pets like the Wolf Hound or Dapper Corgi, and Wooden Skeleton Keys.

Marleybone – Barkingham Palace – State Wing Wooden Key Room

The State Wing Wooden Key Room is inside the State Wing, following the second fight with the Enfield Tricksters. It requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, Billy the Cutter. Defeating Billy the Cutter grants the Cutter’s Bane badge.

This is a good place to farm for level 40 rings like the Jackall’s Ring of Duality, which gives 5% Storm damage, or pets like the Dapper Corgi. There is also a good chance of getting Wooden Skeleton Keys.

Strategy: Don’t cast any shields or he will steal them, just blade and trap to finish in one round.

MooShu – Cave of Solitude – Cave of Solitude Wooden Key Room

The Cave of Solitude Wooden Key Room is in the Cave of Solitude Skeleton Key Room. It requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, Takanobu the Masterless. Defeating Takanobu grants the Master of the Masterless badge.

Farm here for the Catch of the Day Storm spell and the Katana of Takanobu’s Wrath wand, the only one percent universal resistance wand in the Spiral. There is a good chance of getting Wooden Skeleton Keys. Because of this, I suggest farming in groups of 3 or 4 Wizards to increase your chances of getting a key back.

Strategy: Have the hitter enter the battle last, and use FeintMass Feint or any traps you can stack as a team to defeat the boss and minions all at once. 

Zafaria – Waterfront – Waterfront Stone Key Room

The Waterfront Stone Key room is accessed from the Waterfront Skeleton Key room. This is the home of the Witch Doctor to whom Captain Hockins has come to have his curse removed. Defeating them earns the Hockins’ Hex badge.

The Waterfront is a good place to farm for the Pirate Rowboat mount and Burlap Boy pet, the Adept’s, Novice, or Expert’s Socket Wrench and Wooden, Stone or Gold Skeleton Keys.

Strategy: This Boss is nearly immune to every attack. I suggest that you use Shadow Shrike if you can. When a Wizard attacks directly, the Boss will give you a 10% Piercing Blade. If the next Wizard attacks he will then give you a 20% Piercing Blade. So, eliminate the minions first. Then attack the Boss until you start getting enough Piercing Blades to end the battle.

Avalon – Crystal Caves – Crystal Caves Stone Key Room

The Crystal Caves Stone Key Room is accessed from the Crystal Caves Skeleton Key Room. It requires a Stone Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, Lambent Fire. Defeating Lambent Fire grants the Lambent’s Damper badge.

This room is a good place to farm for Burning Rampage, a Fire spell that is popular in PvP. This Boss has a good chance of dropping Stone Keys, so farm in groups to get the most chances.

Strategy: Check out Ravenwood Academy’s amazing Two-Turn Farming Strategy right here!

Azteca – Three Points – Eternal Sanctum Stone Key Room

The Eternal Sanctum is inside the Black Sun Pyramid Master Chamber, following the fight with Belloq. It requires a Stone Skeleton Key to enter and contains the Boss, Ixcax CursedWing. Defeating Ixcax grants the Ixnay on the Ixcax badge.

Not surprisingly, the Azteca Key Room is a good place to farm for Dinosaur Mounts. Mounts that drop here include: Ankylosaurus, Arcus Cloud, Crokagator, Feathered Raptor, Gold-Wrought Eagle, Jeweled Scarab, Triceratops, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. There is a good chance of getting Wooden Keys or Golden Keys. You can also get housing items such as the Azteca Fire Pit or Aztecosaur Stela. Snacks, Amber, Cool Pets like Royal Ibis or Therizinosaurus and rare Treasure Cards like Monsoon Hound round out the selection of possible drops. 

Strategy: Use all blades and traps except regular Feints. You can use Potent Feint, just avoid un-enchanted Feint. Minions cast Beguile sometimes, so try to eliminate them first, then focus on the Boss.

Polaris – River of Frozen Tears – Icefall Cavern

Icefall Cavern is near the Sunless Shrine, in the River of Frozen Tears. This Gold Key room is accessed from the “Skeleton Key Room” sigil and connects to Omen’s Hideout, which contains the Boss, Omen Stribog. Defeating Omen grants the Omen’s Adversary badge.

Omen Stribog is a good Boss to farm for many things including the Luphilim’s Eternal Deck. Mastery Amulets like the Luphilim’s Grim Chain will give you health, 6% school specific resistance and a school blade.

Other notable drops include:

Crowns Gear like Seal Team Assault Helmet, Housing Items like the Polarian Well and Lydia’s Cold Table. AmberPets including the Floe Siren and Snowball. Mounts including Frostfang Tiger, Himoolayan Yak, Luphilim Wings, Owl, Snow Ram, White Stag, Winter Treant, WinterGlide Skates. There is a good chance of getting Gold Skeleton Keys, Artisan’s, and Master Socket Wrench.

Strategy: Eliminate the Sentinel first by stacking school-specific traps and Indemnity Feint. Do not use blades. It’s recommended to have a Fire school hitter, who casts Backdraft. Remember to use Shatter before hitting to remove all of the Sentinels shields. After defeating the Sentinel you can use blades. Stack blades and traps to finish the battle with an All-In-One attack. 

Mirage – Aggrobah – Vault of the Verboten Gold Skeleton Room

This room is accessed via the “Skeleton Key Room” sigil in the River District of Aggrobah. It connects to the Vault of the Verboten, which requires a Gold Skeleton Key and contains Verboten Mimic. Defeating this cheating Boss earns Wizards the Mimic Muter badge.

If you are looking for the best level 120 Critical Ring then this is your place to farm. Rings like Drake Ancestral Signet with 10% Damage and 84% Critical will help your Wizard to achieve maximum Critical.

Strategy: This Boss has five different forms that change at random. Every Boss form has different cheats, based on the cheats they had the first time we faced them. You can use Feint on almost all of them except Cyrus Drake and Luska. Just blade, trap and Feint to kill the boss and minions. Minions only materialize when the Ghost Dog or Mithraya forms appear. Bring Shatter in case Gobblestone shows up and casts his cheat; a stacked Tower Shield, Legion Shield, and Brace aura.

Empyrea – Zanadu Sewers – Corporal Tenni’syn Gold Key Room

Corporal Tenni’syn is a boss located in the Zanadu Sewers.

The Sewers are a good place to farm for 125 level Robe and Stitch Robes. Wizards looking for some extra Critical and Damage will farm here for robes like the Radiant Light Brigade Armor witch gives 23% Damage and 110% Critical. This robe is a good choice for every school except for Storm. You can also get Crowns Gear like the Comfort Zone Hat, or wands like the Mirrorsphere Relic. Jewels like the Shiny PIP Hematite, or the Sparkling Critical Citrine, Amber, Pets, Couch Potatoes, and rental Mounts like the Gobbler, Light Blades, Junk-Copter, and Royal Lioness. There is a chance of getting Artisan’s or Master’s Socket Wrench and Gold Skeleton Keys.

Strategy: Feints are allowed once per round. Death can spam Bad Juju to decrease damage. The Wizard with the most resistance should join first. Stack every Feint you can including Potent and Treasure Card Feint. Scion should kill after stacking blades and traps in the fourth round.

Empyrea – Northeast Aeroplains –  Aethyr Elemental Gold Key Room

Aethyr Elemental is a boss located in Northeast Aero Plains near the bridge. Defeating an Aethyr Elemental grants the Aethyr Eater badge.

Farm here for Robes, Mastery Amulets like the Immutable Zanadu Pendant, or Wands like Sycorax’s Crook of Tempests with 85% Storm Critical. Empyrean Housing Items, Snacks, Jewels, and Pets like the Dark Hound. The Aethyr Cloud Mount drops here. There is also a chance of getting a Grandmaster Socket Wrench, or a Wooden, Stone or Gold Skeleton Key.

Strategy: Use Indemnity Feint on the Boss. Stun Block the main hitter. Stack traps on the Boss, then blade the main hitter and the secondary hitter to finish the fight fast. 

Well, what a trip! That is every Key room in the Spiral from Wizard City to Empyrea. We hope you had fun and found something new. Let us know what your best drop on the tour was in the comments below, or over at Ravenwood Community.

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