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Hello and welcome to the fourth installment of Crafting101 Wizard! Now that Marleybone is finished it is time to leave the big city and move on to greener pastures… Mooshu!


To get the next crafting quest you will need to find and talk to a little guy named Toshio. When you walk out of the Mooshu world gate he will be located on a porch around the corner to your left. He will give you the “Legend of Two Rings”. Be warned, the 2 rings are NOT the only items you will need to craft. After you finish that quest you will be asked to craft 2 Possibility Dirks. Also, note both of these items will have to be crafted on a new table – The Equipment Crafting Station.


To complete this quest, you will need an Equipment Crafting Station. There are a few places to buy this item, but the nearest place is the furniture shop owned by Zhi Lan. It is located directly around the corner from Toshio. It will cost you exactly 1,500 gold and can be instantly placed in your home.

To tell what station you will need in order to craft a particular item, look for these icons;




There are more Crafting Stations that we will learn about in future articles, but these are the 3 that you may need for this quest.


First, Toshio will ask you to create 2 Seals of the Seraphim. After you turn this quest in he will ask for 2 Possibility Dirks, so you can go ahead and buy both of these recipes in Toshio’s Shop. The Seals recipe will cost you 900 gold, while the Dirks recipe will cost 850 gold. In total for the Seals, you will need 8 Peridots, 6 Rubies, 10 Glass Vials, 20 Black Lotus, and 30 Mist Wood. For both Dirks, you will need 4 Sapphires, 4 Rubies, 10 Glass Vials, 10 Ectoplasm, and 30 Stone Blocks.


Now that you know what you need for both the Seals and the Dirks, you can look for the materials simultaneously. I will go over what we need for the Seals first and then the Dirks.



You can buy peridot from the reagent vendor right beside Toshio, Yuji Hamada, for 15 gold per. For the 8 that we need it will cost 120 gold in total. If you want to garden for them you can harvest these from Ivy Leagues, Snap Dragons, and Ultra Dandelions.


You can get rubies from Yuji Hamada for 15 gold per. The total for the 6 Rubies you will need comes out to 90 gold. These can be harvested from Ivy Leagues, Snap Dragons, and Ultra Dandelions as well.


Glass Vials are another item you will need to buy or harvest instead of find. Yuji has these for sale for 125 gold per. You will spend a total of 1,250 gold on the 10 of these you will need. Only Burning Snap Dragons drop these as a harvest.


This pretty flower is most common in Mooshu. Below this list, you will find pictures of my favorite places to find reagents in Mooshu. You can buy these from the Bazaar if any are available, and you can also harvest them from Giving Trees, Burning Snap Dragons, Evil Magma Peas, and Honey Bee Plants. Another way to get this reagent is by buying a Card Crafting table as shown below from Zhi Lan for 1,500 gold and the Black Lotus Card from Toshio for 300 gold. At the Card Crafting Table you will be able to transmute 10 Cattails and 10 Scrap Iron into a Black Lotus!


If you do not already have an abundance of Mist Wood, the Bazaar should have some for sale for around 25-175 gold per. Dandelions, Fickle Pickles, Snap Dragons, Tiger Lilies, and Venus Fly Traps will drop these. You will be able to find these in the grassy areas of Wizard City, or simply around the Spiral as you quest. You will need a total of 30 Mist Wood.



You will not be able to find Sapphires lying around the spiral, and will need to buy them from Yuji Hamada for 15 gold per. For the 4 Sapphires you need, it will cost you 60 gold. You can harvest Sapphires from Burning Snap Dragons, Ivy Leagues, Snap Dragons, and Ultra Dandelions.


You can get these from Yuji Hamada for 15 gold per. The total for the 6 Rubies you will need for this recipe comes out to 90 gold.


Yuji has these for sale for 125 gold per. You will spend a total of 1,250 gold on there 10 of these you will need for this recipe.


Ectoplasm can only be found or bought. You can get these reagents from harvesting Orange Dandelions, Ultra Snap Dragons, and Ultra Trumpet Vines. If there are any in the Bazaar you can buy them for around 250 gold per, depending on how the prices are in the Bazaar. If you are doing the crafting quests after you have finished some main quests and you have access to Dragonspyre, you can buy the crafting recipe from Balthazar Dragonthorn in the Atheneum, he sells it for 150 gold. It takes 5 leather straps to transmute an ectoplasm.


Stone Blocks are fairly common to find, in almost all of the cities in the Spiral. Unfortunately, often times this reagent is sold out, so unless you want to spam refresh the Bazaar in hopes of being able to buy some of these, I would recommend trying to find them. Burning Snap Dragons, Snap Dragons, Fickle Pickles, Dandelions, and Tiger Lilies may drop this reagent at harvest. 30 stone blocks will be needed in total for this recipe.

Here are a few of the places I found my reagents;

These little dead ends are a great place to find reagents in all of the areas of Mooshu

Anywhere along the green pathways yield lots of reagents.


Once you have collected the materials for the rings and crafted them, you can go hand in the “Legend of the two Rings” and you will receive the “Dirks of Daring” quest. Above, I showed you where to get the items you need for the two dirks. When you have finished crafting those you can turn this quest in to Toshio! He will compliment you on your dedication to the craft before he gives you the “Dragon your Feet” quest. He will also reward you with 2,220 gold for the dirks and 2,360 gold for the rings, and finally, your Adept Crafter badge! Congratulations wizard, next time we meet we will be in the land of the drakes and Malistaire himself.

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