Crafting101 – Marleybone

Welcome to Crafting101 Wizard, or welcome back if you have been following along on this journey. Now that you have achieved your Apprentice Crafting Badge, I am sure you are excited to get the next badge, the Initiate Crafting Badge. Before you can begin this quest you need to get to Marleybone. In order to unlock Marleybone you will need to complete the last Krokotopia boss, Krokopatra. This purple Krokotopian boss is located in the Temple of Storms.


Now that you have stepped out into Regent’s Square you are ready to track down Felicia Worthington to start the crafting quest. When you step out of the world gate room into Regent’s Square she will be down the road to your right. You will find the stylish lady hanging out beside the elevator to Digmoore Station. Once you find her and talk to her you will get the quest “Craft Services”.


Unlike the quest in Krokotopia, Felicia will tell you the 4 items she wants right off the bat instead of breaking it into two different quests. She wants 2 Stingers of the Scorpion and 2 Constellation Jewels. You will of course need to buy the recipes from Felicia, the Stinger costs 638 gold and the Jewels cost 675 gold. Since Felicia was kind enough to give us all the items we need to get to begin with, we can gather all the resources together! The Stingers will require 1 Citrine, 4 Glass Vial, 8 Scrap Iron, and 10 Mist Wood each, while the Jewels will require 1 Ruby, 2 Jades, 4 Glass Vial, 8 Scrap Iron, and 10 Stone Blocks. So in total for all 4 items we will need to gather 2 Citrines, 2 Rubies, 4 Jades, 16 Glass Vials, 32 Scrap Iron, 20 Mist Wood, and 20 Stone Blocks. This may seem like a lot of materials but if you gather items when you see them while questing you should get them all in no time!



You will need to get 2 Citrines in total. These reagents cannot be found and must be bought or farmed. You can buy these from Campbell Hodgson, the dapper dog beside Felicia for 15 gold a piece. By buying them you will spend 30 gold in total. If you have extra Ultra Dandelion, Ivy League, or Snap Dragon seeds these plants will drop Citrines.


You will need 2 Rubys in total. Rubies cannot be found in the Spiral, but you can also buy these from Campbell Hodgson for 15 gold per ruby. 30 gold will also be spent on these if you choose to buy them. Rubies can be harvested from Ivy Leagues, Snap Dragons, and Ultra Dandelions.


4 Jades will be needed in total. You will have to buy or harvest these gems. Campbell sells these for 15 gold so you will spend 60 gold if you choose to go this route. Burning Snap Dragons, Snap Dragons, Ultra Dandelions, and Ivy Leagues drop these gems during harvest.


16 of these will have to be acquired. Glass Vials are yet again another item you will need to buy or harvest instead of find. Campbell also sells these for 125 gold per. You will spend a whopping 2,000 gold on Glass Vials if you choose to buy them. You can only find these by harvesting Burning Snap Dragons.


If you do not already have a lot of Mist Wood, you will need 20 pieces of it. Mist Wood is common in the grassy areas of Wizard City or the sidewalks in Marleybone and Krokotopia. At the bottom of this list I have shown some of my favorite places to find many reagents in Marleybone, including Mist Wood. If you cannot find it you can buy it from the Bazaar if any is available for around 175 gold per. Dandelions, Fickle Pickles, Snap Dragons, Tiger Lilies, and Venus Fly Traps will drop these.


20 pieces of Stone Block is required for the items. Stone Blocks are fairly common to find, but not common at all in the Bazaar. Often times this reagent is sold out, so unless you want to spam refresh the Bazaar in hopes of being able to buy some of these, at 175 or so gold each, I would recommend trying to find them. Burning Snap Dragons, Snap Dragons, Fickle Pickles, Dandelions, and Tiger Lilies may drop this reagent at harvest.


Lastly, you will need to get a grand total of 32 pieces of Scrap Iron. I have some good news though, Scrap Iron can be found across the spiral and is fairly common in Marleybone. So while 32 pieces may seem like a lot, if you keep an eye open for reagents while questing in Marleybone, you should have them in no time! You can also buy them at the Bazaar for around 375 gold per 0-4 pieces. Burning Snap Dragons, Evil Magma Peas, Helephant Ears, and Venus Fly Traps will drop this reagent.

Here are some of my favorite places to find Reagents in Marleybone;

Near the teleporter hubs and teleporters there are often reagents to be found.

Near any of the walkways and clock towers or boss sigils there are plenty of reagents.


Now that you have all your ingredients, go back to your dorm and begin making the 2 Stingers and 2 Constellation Jewels that are required. You will have a 10 minute wait for members and a 20 minute wait for non-members in between some of the items. Once you have turned in your Stingers and Jewels, you will be awarded with 3,373 gold and your Initiate Crafter badge! You will also be given the next crafting quest, that will take place in Mooshu. Congratulations Wizard!