Crafting101 – Storm Spells

Today I will explain how to craft the Storm school spells you can’t get from questing and leveling up. I will also tell you where to get the reagents you need fast!

Recipe Vendor Location

The Storm school spells we will be crafting are Calypso and Catalan. To buy the recipes you will go through the Wild to the Wyrd then into Dun Scaith. Once inside you will see the Indigo Giant, a Rank 12 Storm Boss with 14,150 Health. If you are careful, you can walk around the outer edge of the battle circle to reach Grady, the recipe vendor.

Spell Vendor

After the fight, visit Grady to buy the recipes for Catalan and Queen Calypso.

Catalan Recipe

Catalan is a Rank 5 spell that does 700 base Storm damage. While dealing impressive damage, Catalan also gives a 25% accuracy debuff. This makes it a useful card for both PvP and PvE. You can buy the recipe for 60,000 gold.

To craft Catalan, you will need the following Treasure Cards and Reagents:

6 – Catalan Treasure Cards
100 – Perfect Amethyst
200 – Ghost Fire
100 – Water Lily
100 – Bronze Gear
50 – Spring
50 – Sunstone
12 – Amber

Queen Calypso Recipe

Queen Calypso is one of the newer spells in the game. If you are very lucky you can get it from the Immortal’s Lore Pack. Queen Calypso does 445-505 base Storm damage. Calypso also puts a 20% Windstorm on the opponent before the hit strikes, to strengthen the attack! Queen Calypso is very popular for Storm PvP. You can buy the recipe for 60,000 gold.

To craft Queen Calypso, you will need the following Treasure Cards and Reagents:

10 – Queen Calypso Treasure Cards
120 – Perfect Onyx
200 – Ghost Fire
120 – Bloodmoss
120 – Bone
60 – Spring
60 – Sunstone
18 – Amber

Where to get the Treasure Cards and Reagents!

Catalan Treasure Card & Queen Calypso Treasure Card: One of the best places to get both of these treasure cards is from the Bazaar in Wizard City. Many wizards also farm Loremaster or trade with friends to get the 10 needed to craft the spell.

Perfect Amethyst:
You can buy Perfect Amethyst from the NPC Archytas who is in the Celestia Base Camp

Ghost Fire:
You can buy Ghost Fire for 100 Gold a piece, in the Atheneum. From the NPC Zolton Nightstone. You can also get ghost fire from Archytas.  

Water Lily:
Cat tails drop water lilies as a rare harvest. You can farm Triton Avenue for Water Lily by looking for reagents and switching realms! If you’re lucky, you can also buy Water Lily from the Bazaar!

Bronze Gear:
You can buy transmute Bronze Gear from Avery Templeton for 150 gold. It takes 5 Spider Silk to craft! It is commonly found in the Bazaar.

One of my favorite places to get Spring is from Counterweight East in Marleybone. It is dropped along with Scrap Iron. You can also find it in the Bazaar.

You can buy Sunstone from Diego The DuelMaster in Unicorn Way for 200 Arena Tickets. You can also get Sunstone in the Bazaar or buy the transmute recipe from Avery Templeton in Celestia, Base Camp. 

Perfect Onyx:
You can buy Perfect Onyx from the NPC Archytas who is lalso ocated in the Celestia Base Camp

Blood Moss:
You can buy transmute Blood Moss from Avery Templeton for 400 gold. You will need 15 Red Mandrake to transmute one blood moss.

The best place to get Bone is the Bazaar!

Amber can be purchased for arena tickets from Brandon Mistborn. One of my favorite places to get Amber is by farming Gladiator Dimachaerus in Mount Olympus. There are many seeds that can give Amber one of the most popular is King Parsley.

I enjoy the quick damage and extra utility these spells offer my Storm Wizard. I hope you enjoy crafting and using them too. I will be watching for any questions in the comments below!

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  1. For a lvl 91 storm wizard with sharpened blade and gargantuan. What is the best deck to build using only storm and how many should I add.

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