Blacksmiths Fjord Bundle

The Blacksmith’s Fjord Bundle is the second new bundle of 2021, and we are excited to explore it with you! This Grizzleheim-themed bundle is available at Gamestop and comes with the following items:

  • Blacksmith’s Fjord Castle
  • Permanent Fjord Dragon Mount
  • Forge Goblin Pet
  • Forgemaster’s Gear
  • Forgemaster’s Sword
  • 1-month prepaid membership or 5,000 crowns

Blacksmith's fjord house

The Blacksmith’s Fjord is a beautiful piece of Grizzleheim you can call your own. This serene retreat sits right on the river with a tower to keep watch over your home away from home. The docks bring a beautiful light to the endless fishing available in this home. We found the Steelhead Doodlefish and seasonal fish. We can’t help but wonder what other fish will show themselves here? Let us know what you find!

To the side of the docks, you will find your very own watchtower lined with shields. You can touch the sky! Well, almost, but you are getting a better view of the waterfalls and endless scenery.

Beside your castle, you will find the hard-at-work water wheel, supplying the power and energy needed to keep the famous Grizzleheim forges up and running.

Let’s venture inside and see what else awaits us!

Stunning vaulted ceilings greet you when you walk through the doors. You can tell the previous owners built this place to last; the exposed beams were carved with such care. You will also find an excellent themed bank to store all of your gear and items. 

Venturing down the halls of this home, we find the main attraction, the Blacksmith’s Forge. This fiery furnace, powered with the help of the water wheel, will get the job done. Walk up and interact with it to get a pleasant daily surprise. Who knows, you might get some Amber, a valuable reagent used for many Spell Card recipes. Walk upstairs, and you will find the great hall where you and your guests can feast and swap tales. 

If you look around, you might find some hidden secrets lying within.

The Gear

The kit consists of the Forgemaster’s Helm, Forgemaster’s Smock, and Forgemaster’s Boots. Each piece gives one Grizzleheim Lore spell. In addition, the Helm offers Hammer of Thor, the Smock gives Grendel’s Amends, and the Boots have Ratatoskr’s Spin. The Boots are especially high in Damage, Resistance, and Health at all tiers. They are a great option for any Life Wizard, especially with the Ratatoskr’s Spin card. The Helm is high in offensive stats and adds some pierce the boots do not have. The Smock follows in the same pattern as most bundle robes. It offers a defensive build with high Health, Resistance, Critical Block, and Outgoing Healing, which combines well with the Grendel’s Amends card.

The Wand

The Forgemaster’s Sword is one of our favorite pieces of this bundle. The beautiful Norse-style blade is fresh from the forge! Glowing bright and engraved with magical runes, it makes a fantastic stitch piece for any Wizard. 

Not only is it stunning, but the stats on this wand are also notable. It is common for bundle wands to have mid-level stats, and the new Forgemaster’s Sword is no exception until level 100. I chose to redeem mine at that level, which gave me 42 Critical Rating, 11% Damage, one Power Pip, and 13 Shadow Rating. It makes for a significant and timely upgrade from your Sky Iron Hasta. Even the level 110 and 120 tiers of this sword are as impressive. 

While it still has decent stats at lower levels, it may not be the best choice since it doesn’t surpass the Sky Iron Hasta’s damage until level 100. This Wand comes with attack cards for Myth, Life, and Storm. The Forgemaster’s Sword also has a May-cast Chromatic Blast spell at levels 100 – 140. Chromatic Blast gives a Universal +5% damage per pip blade to the caster. This May cast provides the wand with the potential strategy of countering Wards in exchange for an extra blade.

The Pet

Made from cinder and smoke, with a heart of fire is the Forge Goblin pet. The first-generation talent pool contains zero common talents, six uncommon, two rare, one ultra-rare, and one epic talent. This gives our fiery friend a total pedigree score of fifty-two.

The Forge Goblin gives one Shatter Card at Teen and another at Ancient. Its first-generation stats are as follows: 

  • 250 Strength
  • 195 Intellect
  • 200 Agility
  • 235 Will
  • 185 Power

These are impressive stats for a first-generation pet. If you’re looking for a starting point for your hatch or a unique pet to use, this could be the one. When it comes to training, this pet likes Death school snacks and Meal type snacks. When I raised the Forge Goblin to Mega, it manifested; Attentive, Death-Shot, Death Dealer, Death Assailant, and Forceful. What did yours get? Given the talents we’ve seen, this pet seems like it could make a great Death starter pet.

The Mount

The permanent Fjord Dragon mount is a single-rider, 40% speed boost mount. This blue and green dragon slithers gracefully through the air. Its wings resemble spring leaves, the perfect complement to any green stitch. But, don’t let its stoic stare scare you! This fierce, elegant dragon is here to help you traverse the Spiral.

In Conclusion

This concludes our review of the Blacksmith’s Fjord Bundle. It’s a unique addition to the Grizzleheim-themed homes and items.

The Forgemaster’s Gear gear will help you in your adventures through the Spiral. This bundle’s wand at high tiers adds more variety when deciding what you will use while questing. This bundle brings cool-looking gear that packs a punch of damage and resistance. The Forge Goblin pet is an excellent addition to any Death collection. The Fjord Dragon is a unique mount that will stand out. We are impressed.

We hope this helps you decide if this is the right bundle for you. We look forward to seeing what you create. Tell us what you think of the Forgemaster’s Bundle in the comments below. 

See you around the Spiral!

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