New Year’s Resolution Contest

2020 is here!!!

It’s a New Year at Ravenwood Academy and we want to know about your Wizard101 resolutions!

Show us a screenshot of your Wizard and their resolution for a chance at some great rewards. If you haven’t made a resolution yet, make one now! It’s never too late to start something good.

:quest: We want to see a new, original, in-game screenshot that includes your Wizard.

:quest: Use chat bubbles or photo editing software to tell us about your resolution directly on the screenshot!

:quest: Be original! Inspire us, or make us laugh. No matter what your resolution is, or what part of the game inspires you, show us something that is all you.

:quest: Meme it up, but respect our community standards. If you wouldn’t see it in a KI game, you won’t see it at Ravenwood Academy


First Prize:   An Undersea Enchantment Bundle!

Second Prize: 10,000 Crowns!

Third Prize: A rare Polaris Express Mount!!

Email your entry by Sunday Febuary 2nd to [email protected]
The winners will be chosen  vote of the Ravenwood Academy Staff and announced February 7th 2020. We will share the winning entries here and on Social Media. We will be looking for originality and theme! May the best meme win!!

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