Copying a Pet Using the Piggle Method

So, you want to make a great pet for questing? Unless you’re an experienced pet hatcher, I recommend that you copy a pet from the Hatchmaking Kiosk. Before you get started, make sure you have a full garden of Couch Potatoes and Evil Magma Peas for a good supply of pet snacks and Gold for hatching.

Now, you browse the pets on offer in the Hatchmaking Kiosk and you see the perfect max stat double-resist triple-damage pet in the Hatchmaking Kiosk. You hatch with one of your pets and hope some of the talents on the desirable pet manifest on your new pet.

Once your new pet has hatched, you train it to teen, and it gets Spell Proof. You’re feeling super confident so you train the pet to Adult. It manifests Pain Giver. Woot! The pet is looking great! You train the pet to Ancient and it gets Mana Gift. Ugh. That’s definitely an undesirable talent.

What should I do now?

Should I trash the pet? Should I start over and hatch again tomorrow and hope for the best again?

Unfortunately, once you’ve trained a pet beyond Adult and it manifests an undesirable talent, it really is a fail. I would probably trash the pet.

But, here’s the deal: if you only trained your pet to Adult and you hatch it with the pet from the Kiosk again you will transfer more of the talent pool and stats to the offspring. You can use a technique I use to continue transferring a pet’s talent pool and stats to your own pet.

The method I use to copy a pet’s talent pool and stats in just a few hatches is known as the Piggle Method. It’s called the Piggle Method because you start with a Piggle pet bought from Tennant Wastelander for 350 Gold. Tennant Wastelander is one of the “Pet Shoppe Boys,” and a Pet Vendor in Wizard City. He’s located in the Pet Pavilion, inside the Pet Shoppe Boys’ Pet Shop.

Why do you use a Piggle?

The reason we use a Piggle pet is that most of their talents are Common, so it’s easy to track the talent pool with each hatch. Also, the talents aren’t very ‘sticky’, or hard to get rid of although that doesn’t really matter when you follow this method

Are there any tricks to transferring the talents and stats?

Once you’ve bought your Piggle pet train it ONLY to Adult. Go to the Kiosk and find a pet you want to hatch with. Once you’ve found a suitable pet, scroll through your pets and select your Piggle. Take a screenshot or a snip before you click Hatch. Now train the offspring to Adult. Once your new pet is Adult, hatch again with the same Kiosk pet when you can, following the same steps above.

Will I get the pet I want in the first hatch?

You may not get the pet body you desire in the first hatch, or even in the first ten hatches, but you will get it, eventually. Just keep following the process of hatching with

the Kiosk pet, training the offspring to Adult and hatching again until you have copied the pet, its stats and talent pool.

The new pet failed at teen, should I train it to adult?

Until you’ve copied the pet’s talent pool and stats, don’t worry about which talents your pets manifest. The manifested talents only become important when you have copied the talent pool and stats completely.

Your pet talent pool is on the left and the stats are on the right. A high pedigree shows a high number of Epic talents which may or may not be desirable depending on your goals. The higher the pedigree the more Gold your hatches will cost.

If you own the same pet body, train your pet to Adult then hatch with the desired pet from the Kiosk just like I explained above using the Piggle. Then, train the offspring to Adult and hatch again. Hatch the new offspring with the pet you are copying until you have a pet with the identical stats and talent pool.

How can I tell I’ve copied the pets talent pool and stats?

If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll see that each of the numbers in the “SAP” (Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will and Power) column is identical to that of the

parent pet. Also, each of the talent pool dots appears in the corresponding lines on both pets.

 Will I get the same talents on my pet as the kiosk pet?

Once you’ve copied the pet’s talent pool and stats completely, your job has only just begun. Now the hard part starts. It will still take many hatches to train a pet that manifests all the talents you want because you’re not copying the pet’s manifested talents, you’re copying the entire talent POOL. Any five of the ten talents can manifest in your pets when you train them, regardless of what talents the parents have manifested.

 Make 2 or 3 base adult pets

Next, train your pet with the identical stats to Adult. If it doesn’t fail, hatch it again with the pet you’re copying. And if it fails, still hatch with the desired pet again until you get a pet to Adult that hasn’t failed. I recommend that you make two or three Adult pets that haven’t failed to keep as your base pets for hatching until you have gotten 2 or 3 pets to Ancient that haven’t failed.

Next, make 2 or 3 base ancient pets

Once you have 2 or 3 Adult pets that haven’t failed, you can hatch your own pets together if the Kiosk pet isn’t available. Now hatch one of your Adult pets with the Kiosk pet or one of your own base pets, now you can try to train a pet to Ancient without failing. If a pet fails by Adult, go back to your previous pet to hatch again with the Kiosk pet, or hatch your 2 Adult pets together if the Kiosk pet isn’t available.

Make 2 base epic pets

When you have 2 pets trained to Ancient that haven’t failed, you can train up your base Adult pets. If they fail before Epic, hatch one of your 2 Ancient pets with the Kiosk pet, or hatch them together if that pet isn’t available, and try to get 2 pets to Epic that haven’t failed.

After you’ve gotten 2 pets to Epic without failing, you can level up your Ancient pets as far they will go without failing, keeping your 2 Epic pets as insurance. If those pets fail, hatch one of your Epic pets with the Kiosk pet or your other Epic pet and train as far as you can without it failing. If your pet fails, you still have your 2 Epic pets to fall back on.

How long will it take to get a pet with the same talents?

Making the perfect pet will eat up your Gold, pet snacks and your patience. Sadly, we have no control over which talents will manifest. Also, regardless of which talents have manifested up to Epic, the final talent at Mega appears to be a random talent from the talent pool. So it really is just a matter of persevering with the hatches until you get a pet that manifests the talents you want.

If you take the precautions of making and keeping base pets that haven’t failed, your efforts will pay off, eventually.

Should I feed my pets snacks that they like?

Seeing as we all have a finite amount of energy, the best thing to do is to conserve energy and feed your pet snacks that will give them the most XP per pet game. I feed my pets Captain Cantaloupe and Mystic Dragon Fruit until I’ve maxed out all the stats. Once I’ve maxed out all the stats I feed my pets Fancy Yogurt.

I’m out of Energy and my pet has only 2 xpto level up!

If you find you have only one or two XP remaining to level your pet, instead of playing another pet game, feed your pet unwanted gear and items from your backpack until the pet receives the XP it requires to level up. You can also buy Pet Crumbs from the Crown shop for 100 Gold per pack feed the individual Crumbs to your pet until it levels up.

While this process might seem complicated at first once you’ve done it a couple of times you’ll get the hang of it.

By: Samantha McDonald 

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  1. I definitely love the article Samantha! Well done! Can you make more guides like this? I also love the new website

  2. I love this guide it helped me a lot, but I have a problem the pet from hatching kiosk isn’t available any more , what do I do , it’s a new pet and it doesn’t have the talent pool and stats copied , what do i do ?

    1. You might have to start again with a different kiosk pet. That is a risk when using the kiosk. Otherwise, you may be better hatching with a friend. If you don’t have a friend with amazing pets you could always try heading over to our Discord and checking out our hatchery section. Good luck and happy hatching!

  3. I managed to copy both the stats and the talent pool completely, but there’s still a fail talent it keeps learning all the time at Epic even though none of the parents have it manifested. What to do in this situation?

  4. So I hatched my scrappy gryphon with a friend’s snappy gryphon and I got his pet ( finally), I started training the pet but it keeps getting a healing talent at adult or ancient, I have trained over 20 pets now and the result is the same. I wanted to ask if the piggle method would work in my case? Should I try and hatch my snappy gryphon with a piggle? Eventually will the healing spell go away if I hatch several times with a piggle and continue from there?

  5. I do not know if this is of any value, however I have found that when training a pet, it will manifest 2-3 talents from one ‘parent’ and manifest the balance of the talents from the other ‘parent’. The only times this has not happened is when both parents are carrying the same recessive talent, however it is not 100% that the recessive talent will manifest. Have you found that to be true also? I always take a screen shot of the hatch when both parents are on the screen to give me some idea of what talents may have been transferred. It seems that, on occasion, a talent may move up or down one slot in the list just to make hatching interesting.

  6. Great guide! If I have the talent pool I want in my pet and all the stats maximized except the ones that don’t affect them (like intellect in a quint damage pet with strenght, will and power max), should I still be going for max stats on these specific atributes before caring about the manifested talents even though they’re technically useless?

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