Mount Olympus Strategy Guide

When you reach level 30, you will be invited on the Quest for Glory by Cyrus Drake. He will send you to Cyclops Lane where you will discover something amazing. Hiding in the back of the park is a golden chariot which will carry you to Aquila. There, you will meet Silenus, who will send you on to Mount Olympus to challenge Zeus. This is a side quest that you will want to do, as the gear Zeus drops here will keep your stats on top until you reach level 56 or 60.

When you step inside the sigil to Mount Olympus the first person you will Meet is Athena. She will be your guide here and will send you to your first challenge, Apollo. Apollo is a life boss with myth minions, but he mostly deals fire damage. This boss doesn’t cheat, but he does do a natural attack which leaves behind a smokescreen nearly every round. Stacking a feint or two on the boss with a few blades on your attacker should do the job nicely. After defeating Apollo you will be awarded your first legion token, an Ophidian Archer.

After you turn in the first legion token Athena will send you to the next challenge. The Moon Chamber. Inside you will find moon school and death school mobs. There isn’t a boss here and there are no cheats. Its worth noting that many at level wizards prefer to minimize the number of mobs in this fight. For this to work, only one wizard can enter the room to start the battle before the rest of the team joins. This mob reducing trick works in all of Aquila wherever there are rooms that contain battles with minions. Your usual mob killing strategy boosted by an extra blade or two should do the trick and in no time you will have your second legion token, a Minotaur Warrior.

Next, Athena will send you to the Sky Balcony to face the Praetorian Guards. This is another mob like the last one. Even though one of them is a different school like a boss would be, the health is about the same for all of them. The “boss” is storm, and the mobs are myth. The same strategy you used in the last fight will do nicely here as well, just be sure to convert the boss if your attacker is storm. Be sure to grab the free statue of Zeus which you will find up on the sky balcony, then grab that third legion token, a Carthenian Elephant.

After turning in the final legion token Athena will send you off to face a new kind of challenge. Down in the arena, Eris Golden Apple has a puzzle that you must solve. She will show you two teams and you will have to figure out which of your warriors can take down the ones she selects. Lucky for us, she makes the same moves every time. First, move your Carthenian Elephant. Second, move the Minotaur Warrior. Then end the game with the Ophidian Archer.


If you complete the puzzle correctly you won’t have to fight anything here, just turn in the quest and move ahead to the next challenge.
Next, The Hall of the Watchful Eye contains an easily conquered myth mob, the Elite Cyclops Guard. After you conquer them, you will gain access to Hephaestus.

You must gather Hephaestus’s statues that are hidden all around Mount Olympus before moving ahead. Start by heading straight out the door and down the hall. When you get to the end of the hall head out the door and hang a left, toward the Chamber of the Sun. Enter the Chamber of the Sun, but stop just side the door and turn to your right. You will see the first statue hidden in the corner right there (1).

Head back out the door and toward Athena, over in the corner by the entrance you will find the next statue (2). Now, go toward the moon chamber, but when you get to the top of the stairs leading to the moon chamber door turn to the left. You will find the third statue hidden in a corner there (3). Finally, head down the nearest set of stairs to the arena. When you get to the bottom of the stairs stop and turn to your right. You will see the fourth eagle statue standing near the bench in the alcove there (4). Now that you have gathered all of the eagles, you can bring them to Hephaestus and brace yourself for the next challenge.

Inside the Hall of Battle, you will meet Ares savage Spear. Ares is a fire boss with death minions, he has a damage aura that is permanently renewed. If you direct hit him, he says “You dare strike me directly!?” and smacks you with the business end of his spear for just under 500 damage, also leaving behind a 40% trap. The best strategy here is to stack up a couple of feints on the boss, a few blades on your attacker and hit with an All One Enemy attack such as Tempest or Meteor. If Ares doesn’t die in the AOE attack, make sure the follow-up hit finishes him off or face his wrath.

Next is the big boss, Zeus. The same mob reducing strategy is often employed here that I introduced you to in the Moon Chamber. It’s a good idea in this fight especially because Zeus is a Myth boss with Ice minions that are really no joke for an at level team. They tend to cast a lot of shields that complicate things. Also, if you use any spell over 6 pips in this battle, Zeus will hit you out of turn with a free Minotaur and scold you that “You hesitate too much!” The best strategy here is to stack 2-3 feints on Zeus plus 3-4 blades on your attacker and go for a one-shot kill. Having a supporter carry Shatter is a good idea just in case those ice mobs stack up too many shields before your attacker is ready to kill. When you complete this battle the first time you will be awarded the title Honorable Bronze Archon, and you will have conquered Mount Olympus!