Lucky Farming Day

Join us Saturday March 16th for our Ravenwood Academy Lucky Farming Event!

Meet your favorite community friends and staff members in Realm Leprechaun at 6 pm Eastern American Time at Lord Nightshades Tower. We will all farm Lord Nightshade together for lucky Saint Patrick’s day drops! In past years Nightshade has dropped items such as the Gold-Stringed harp and the Clover wand. There will also be other cool codes and lucky green prizes like Life Mastery Amulets, Treants, and Mystical Flutes!  See you then!


Treant 2 person mount
Life Amulet
Life Whirlwind mount
Sea turtle pet
Jade oni pet
Spiral Vine Rug
Charmer’s Mystical Flute
Shamrock of Spring wand
Farley’s Gardening Pack
Free Crowns

Please be sure to tune into twitch for more information during the event. If you can’t join us in game, you could still win a prize if you

If you have any questions regarding this event, please email us at [email protected]

A big thanks to, Kingsisle and Mathew “Sparck” Anderson for providing these amazing codes! 🙂