Legendary Storm PvP

Hello, and welcome to Legendary Storm PvP. I know, shocking. Why Legendary Storm PvP you may ask? When I was playing Wizard101, back when PvP was popular among my friends, we all liked Legendary PvP. The not so high stats, the no use of shadow pips, the little grind we did to get House of Scales or Waterworks gear was all fun. As a Legendary Storm, it was definitely a journey. Why Storm and why not Balance though? Good question. I liked that nobody ever really chose this school to solo, nor do I need to be just like everyone else and make one. I liked Storm for its high damage and pierce and the way it handles itself.

PvP as a Legendary nowadays is easy, fun, and sometimes unpredictable. I can guarantee I don’t win every one of my matches, but most. To those reading, you have to either farm Loremaster for some spells, craft or buy packs, depending on your preference. As some spells are wanted in PvP. For example, my storm has Queen Calypso, a card I use to bring out the utility of my spells, and the Damage Per Second it provides. I suggest crafting to those who don’t want to farm or buy packs, as it is one of the fastest ways to get the spells, believe it or not.

Gear and Stats​

My Storm specializes in quick attacks, ending the rounds easily, and has high damage and pierce at 65. For a Storm, I would suggest going for high damage and pierce over critical, because of the critical nerf.

The gear that would be a good set up for Damage and Pierce would be:

  • Robe: House of Scales – Lower Zigazag Vestment
  • Hat: House of Scales – Lower Zigazag Headdress
  • Boots: Professor’s Hoard Pack – Halston’s Stormy Slippers
  • Wand: Immortal’s Lore Pack – Aquilan Velite Lance
  • Ring: Vendor: Brandon Mistborn – Duelist’s Daredevil Ring
  • Athame: Vendor: Brandon Mistborn – Duelist’s Fatal Razor
  • Amulet: Lower Zigazag – Condemned Soldier’s Charm
  • Mount: Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle – Vulpine Avenger Mount for pierce OR
  • Mount: Ghulture’s Hoard Pack – Storm Ghulture for damage
  • Pet: Any pet with all 5 talents being damage for maximum damage output, and socketing a Spell Proof Jewel

Pierce Jewels are needed on your Ring and Athame.

  • Circle Jewel: Plain Piercing Amethyst +3% pierce
  • Tear Jewel: Plain Health Opal +65 health
  • Triangle Jewel: Plain Pip Opal +6% power pip chance
  • Square Jewel: Plain Defense Opal +16 universal resist
  • Triange Jewel: Plain Accurate Amethyst +7 storm accuracy

With all the gear and jewels equipped your storm should have 125 Damage, 32 resist, 27% accuracy, 54% critical chance, 20% pierce and 79% power pip chance. We will also be using Infallible before we hit which gives an additional 15% accuracy and pierce over 4 rounds.

Spells Trained through Training Points​

  • Ice School  – Tower Shield
  • Sun School – Gargantuan
  • (Prepare for the weird one) Fire School – Phoenix, Infection, and Stun Block.

Main Deck Set Up​

  • 6 Queen Calypso’s
  • Max Damage enchants, thus being Gargantuan
  • 3 Lightning Bats
  • 5 Wild Bolts
  • 4 Tower Shields
  • 3 Volcanic Shields
  • 3 Glacial Shields
  • 3 Pixies
  • 3 Darkwinds
  • 2 Storm Dispells
  • 3 Storm Shark
  • 2 Insane Bolts
  • 3 Storm Lord
  • 2 Storm Snakes
  • 4 Storm Blades

Side Deck Set Up​

Now, for that phoenix spell I mentioned earlier – you are going to want to enchant a lot of them from the Mutate Phoenix spell.

The Spell Thunderbird has such high utility, as it gives you x3 +30% traps universally, pack 3 of them.

  • 2 Storm Lord
  • 4 Tower Shields
  • 5 Infallible
  • 3 Kraken
  • 5 side Queen Calypso
  • 3 Triton
  • 2 Storm Shark
  • 3 Triage
  • 2 Gargantuan


The goal is to hit as fast as possible, preferably trying to pull an infallible first round to get that maximum amount of Pierce through the first couple of hits. If you can get infallible up, you can then hit with multiple Queen Calypsos and small hits, dealing good damage, and keeping them on the defensive.

If your opponent hasn’t stun shielded, that’s where Storm Lord comes in play. Switch back from playing offensively and defensively as you will need to make sure you can be able to out damage per second them and survive. Don’t just hit randomly, as we’re built on strategy. Make combined hits that make sense.

For example, you have the pips needed for the 5 pipped Thunderbird. You cast that into a Queen Calypso, giving you a +30% and a +20% traps on your opponent, making use of that utility you have.

Avoid spamming cards like a wild bolt or insane bolt as you are wasting pips. Use a Wild bolt to get off a shield, or start off with a hit, or need to get rid of a card.
Infection is for your heal spammers, and with all the pierce you have, it’s fine to hit through shields. All your other hits, use in situations where you know your opponent is open, and you can do mass damage. All spells and all battles aren’t all the same. Different situations occur, just have to be patient and committed to learn and understand what to do in different situations.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the guide. If you got any questions, my Discord is 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖊𝖗𝖓𝖆𝕲𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖌 #1999, and I will gladly answer all questions related to storm Legendary PvP.