How to Get Elixir Vitae

You may be wondering how to achieve the Elixir Vitae badge for healing One Million. It sounds difficult! While it’s not easy, it’s possible for any wizard. So, read through my tips and tricks for getting this badge.

The Heal

The spell you use is very important. You need to maximize your potential healing output. To do this you will use the strongest healing spell you can.
Flowering Dryad is the best possible option for this. Not even a doubled Scion of Life can live up to this bad girl, healing 3360 base with full power pips.
The average Dryad can substitute, but you will lose 15 healing per pip, a total of 210 base.

The Buffs

The buffs make all the difference. You’re going to want to use every healing buff available. Use the following spells:

• Brilliant Light
• Guiding Light
• Sanctuary Treasure Card
• Vengeful Elixir
• Shadow Seraph
• Mend Treasure Card

Let’s go through each of these cards. You can have a total of four different copies of Brilliant and Guiding Light. The trained, treasure card, item card and pet card versions. You could also use an extra 45% Guiding Light TC from the Eye of Bartelby pack, for extra insurance.
The Vengeful Elixir is critical to this strategy. You need to Critical Strike this heal to reach one million. Mend and Shadow Seraph spells will act as extra healing buffs to help you reach your goal.

The Stats

Stats are the key to success. You need to have at least 135% outgoing, and a friend with over 85% incoming to make this work.


Some items, such as the Stone of the Other Side or the Wolf’s Emerald Talon are drops. You can get these in Avalon and Wintertusk by farming bosses, or by checking the Bazaar. Combined, they give 58% outgoing! Throw in the Sword of Kings and any decent outgoing gear and you should be able to reach your target of 135%!


You cannot use your heal without maximum power pips. Make sure you have those before you even try it!

This battle should be done against a lost soul in a peaceful realm. They don’t have a chance of defeating you and you shouldn’t have Unicorn Way bound wizards questing in your area.

If you’re not a Life wizard, be sure to equip a Life Mastery Amulet and an extra friend or more for the trained spells!

With all that said and done, go out there and get yourself an awesome badge!


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  1. Just wanted to mention that, since 18.11.2020, the damage cap has been increased to 2 Million, meaning you can get this Achievement by using a Drain as well.

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