Home Sweet Home Contest

With Spring comes new beginnings, sunshine, flowers, warmer days, and a fresh start. Speaking of a fresh start… pack up the moving truck! This Spring, Ravenwood Academy’s contest is all about Housing.

We want you to use your decoration imagination. Tell us about one potential furniture item you would like to see from anywhere in the Spiral, take a screenshot and post it in our Official Channel to enter!

Please post your entry in the Ravenwood Community Discord, our official Ravenwood Community Facebook Group, or by tagging @RW_Academy101 on Twitter. One entry per person, dual entries will be disqualified.

This contest closes on May 17th, 2021, and winners will be announced by May 31st. Winners will be chosen by vote of the Ravenwood Community Staff and will receive:

First Place: A Heavenly Palace Bundle and a Charmers Mystical Flute
Second Place: A Doomsday Krok Gauntlet and a Charmers Mystical Flute
Third Place:  An Empyrean Airship and a Charmers Mystical Flute

All qualifying entries will be posted in the Ravenwood Community Contest Channel and entered into a random drawing for 5000 Crowns

What will you find to put in your Home Sweet Home?

If you have any questions, please reach out to any Ravenwood Community Staff member.


– Entries must be from any public area of the Spiral. Screenshots cannot come from any area already considered housing or include any current housing items.

– Wallpaper, paintings, trees, potted plants, or any other item that might be considered housing or decoration will qualify you for entry.

Congrats Winners!!!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest. Check out the winning entries below and let us know what you think. If you are a winner, I will contact you soon with your prize. We are so glad you made Ravenwood Academy part of your Home Sweet Home!

1st Place Faelle#4079

For me, the answer came without a doubt. I invite you all to take a moment and enter my humble home.
Remove all distractions, turn the music on without the other sounds, and close your eyes. This music you are listening to, so mystic and ethereal, is what I image being the real song of creation, what is keeping the spiral together. I could listen to it as a meditative guide. Nature is where I am at peace, and this place is built around it, and not against it. The schools are both protected by Bartleby, and their architecture makes them feel like part of the decor, like they always belonged there. Ravenwood feels vast, only cluttered by foliage, vines and elemental effects, which is my perfect aesthetic. You can almost feel the warmth of the soft sunbeams peaking through the canopy.
If I could visit a place in the spiral, it would undoubtedly be Ravenwood.

2nd place Dragonkiller258#0265

Located in Maulwurf von Trap’s Musicology Office at the Arcanum, the music note lights would make a great addition to any music enthusiast’s house!

3rd place QueenAttitude50#7154

The Wild in Avalon has to be my special place as it reminds me of special times I had with my step dad growing up. I absolutely loved all of Avalon but The Wild was my favorite. If I’m ever having a bad day, I come here in game. I love the toadstool houses, I enjoy mushroom hunting in real life and I went with my stepdad growing up, it was a time I will always remember. So the mushrooms feel like home to me because it reminds me of those times. Sometimes we need to just stop and smell the roses, in the crazy hectic lives we live. I come here and just pause the outside world and stay here for a little while. Being outside, I love the open area here.

Random Drawing Winner   Pinkified#2478


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Contest

  1. i found this really cool acropolis house in the housing tours where the owner, through monstrology, collected every single animus and put the treasure cards on their walls. like they literally connected three houses to fit them all, sorted alphabetically. they even had malistaire the undying in their collection, it was insane. i just wander around in shock at how much work they put in to doing that

  2. I am sad about the discrepancy of information as only one entry is allowed per person. She said to “tell us about your favorite spot”, and “why is the spot special to you”, and then to mention what piece of furniture would make it feel like home. I was under the impression that it was to find a place in the spiral that has not yet been turned into a castle, explain why you would want that castle, and then to mention a potential furniture item. When I asked for clarification she said “There are may undiscovered places and things in the spiral yet to be made into housing”, I assumed she meant literal housing, not housing items. In the future, I better ask more questions. When Amber explained later that the above entries did not understand the contest and that all she cared about was the furniture, I wish that those who entered under the other impression and worked hard for that, like me, could have been given an opportunity to fix their entry.

    As for the “check out the winning entries here and let us know what you think”, I do not understand what the housing item would be for the first winner; the music? A bit abstract, but I suppose you can put music in your castle. The second place winner found a cool item, but I’m not sure if it deserves second place since it didn’t answer why that item was special to him/her. Unless that original criteria didn’t matter anymore? I’m assuming the mushrooms would count as the housing item in the 3rd place entry, but both the 1st and 3rd place winners focused more on the place and less on the furniture, so I am again confused.

    Oh well, I better just annoy Amber with more questions for the next contest.

  3. Idk if it’s me, but it feels like the judging was a bit biased. 2/3 of the winners were mods when a lot of people that qualified weren’t. It never said the judging was a random drawing, so if it was, that’s some crazy coincidence. The other winner was someone that’s been with this community awhile, which is great! I think in previous ones the winners felt a bit more random, but the fact that two mods won makes the whole thing feel rigged. *shrug*

    1. I understand why it might seem that way, but I assure you that the judging was just as fair and “random” as any other contest. I believe the issue came down to the general confusion as to exactly what we were looking for. As I explained on Discord, judging came down to the effort that went into the submission and the popularity of the vote in the end. I truly am sorry for the confusion and do hope that the Pride contest is more clear. Thanks so much for participating and for being part of the community.

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