Crafting101 – Wizard City

In Wizard101 there are many side activities that are not required but can add a little fun to your gameplay. These side activities can give experience, money, furniture, gear, and more. As you gain experience, you may even be able to craft your own permanent mounts!  Crafting is one of those activities that may seem a little tedious, but can yield great rewards! This guide will help you get through the first crafting quest in Wizard City and set you off on a crafting adventure.


The first step is to find Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town. Once you enter Olde town you will go down the ramp past the Bazaar and take the first ramp to your left. Eudora will be on your left across a bridge beside Elmer Meadowgrass. Talk to her to receive the quest “Wizards in the Mist”


This quest only requires you to collect 1 Mist Wood, which can be found almost anywhere in Wizard City. Mist Wood you already own and bought Mist Wood does not count, you HAVE to collect this once the quest is started. Just remember to keep an eye out in grassy areas for reagents while you’re out and about questing in Wizard City! Here are a few places I have found Mist Wood myself;

The grassy islands in the middle of combat roads is a prime place to find reagents of all kinds!

Unicorn Park in Unicorn Way has lots of reagents, including Mist Wood!

               Around the Boss Towers in Wizard City is one of my favorite places to get reagents!


Once you have returned to Eudora Tangletree with your Mist Wood, she will reward you with 30 experience, and a Basic Crafting Station. She will then give you the quest “The Razor’s Edge”, which asks you to craft two Daggers of Absolution. Unfortunately, Eudora is not kind enough to give you the recipe for the daggers, you buy that from her recipe shop for 64 gold. As shown in the image below, it will cost us 2 Sapphire, 4 Black Coal, 2 Mist Wood, and 2 Cat Tails per dagger. So in Total, we will need 4 Sapphires, 8 Black Coal, 4 Mist Wood, and 4 Cat Tails to complete this quest.


Now, before you can move on, you will need to go back to your home to place the Basic Crafting Station. Once it is placed, you can craft your recipes!


With the Basic Crafting Station ready to go, we can go into the Spiral to find the items needed for the daggers! There are many different ways you can get these items, and I will go over each item separately.


We already discussed where to collect Mist Wood, but you can also get this item from the Bazaar for around 30-33 gold. If you are a gardener, Mist Wood can also be found by harvesting Dandelions, Fickle Pickles, Snap Dragons, Tiger Lily, and Venus Fly Traps. This reagent is usually easy to find. You need 4 of these in total.


Cat Tails are common and are found in water. In the picture of Unicorn Park in Unicorn Way above, you can see one of these Cat Tails in the water to the right of the statue. Look in the rivers of the Commons and Unicorn Way, the pond beside the water wheel in Triton Avenue, and the rivers around Festival Park in Cyclops Lane. Keep an eye on the water! You can also buy Cat Tails in the Bazaar for around 170-175 gold. For you gardening wizards, the Cat Tails can be found by harvesting Dandelions, Honey Bee Plants, Tiger Lily, and Pink Dandelions. You need 4 of these in total.


You will either need to either buy Sapphires from the Bazaar for around 75-80 Gold each or from the reagent vendor beside Eudora, Elmer Meadowgrass, for 15 Gold each. You will not be able to find these lying around the Spiral. You can harvest Sapphires from Burning Snap Dragons, Ivy Leagues, Snap Dragons, and Ultra Dandelions. You need 4 of these in total.


Black Coal will also not be sitting around the Spiral for you to pick up and will have to be bought. You can buy it in the Bazaar for 20-25 gold each or from Elmer for 5 gold each. Black Coal can only be harvested from Burning Snap Dragons and Snap Dragons. You need 8 of these in total.


Now that you have all of the items needed, go back to your dorm or house and craft your first Dagger of Absolution. Notice that it will have a countdown of 30 seconds before you can create the other dagger. That is because you only have 1 crafting slot. Don’t worry though, after you finish this quest you will receive another crafting slot. You will get more slots as you complete more crafting quests.

Once you return the Daggers to Eudora you will get some gold, experience, and your Novice Crafter badge! Then you will be able to accept your next crafting quest in Krokotopia. Congratulations Wizard, your crafting adventure has begun!