Basic Deck Building


This is a guide that is designed to help people build their decks accordingly, as a lot of people tend to overcrowd, under-pack, and/or leave out some useful cards.

This focuses on max level decks, however lessons learnt here can be applied to any level of play.

This guide is broken down into 4 categories of decks, of which each category will go into further specifics and detail: Offensive, Supportive, Healing, and Defensive.

Just remember that there is no rule to sticking to one certain build type. Logically mixing sets and types for maximum output within the game makes a whole lot of sense. A very basic idea of this is how Defensive and Healing can easily be mixed, for a little less here and a little more here. It’s not all about min-maxing.

We also recommend having multiple decks, and having each of them set up for their certain task. This will make going into battles easier and will ensure you won’t be That Guy who takes 5 minutes before every boss to “Fix your deck.”

Please note that we differentiate between a “boss fight” and a “dungeon”.  

A boss fight would be a single boss, no cheats etc.  A dungeon is, well… a dungeon!


Single target hits ARE NOT always needed. While they may be useful in solo boss fights, all of the offensive schools have AOE hits that can rival a Single Target attack in damage. (e.g. Glowbug Squall VS Rusalka’s Wrath) Unless you’re in a boss fight alone, you typically only need a max of 4/5 blades, a few hits, and epics for those hits. And potentially some feints depending on the health of the boss.

  • This is an example of a basic, offensive Storm deck. With an amulet and pet blade, this can OHKO just about anything with a bugs or lord. Tempest would be used against really weak minions or to clean up low HP enemies.

  • This is an example of a basic, offensive Fire deck. The exact same principle as the storm deck, just fire!

Of course, the addition of traps, potents, and auras can all work to your advantage, too, should you require them.  However if you’re not alone, someone else can normally help out with these. There’s a lot of class specific traits too, Death’s LOVE to use frenzy but Storm tends to be a little too squishy for those drastic means. One thing I’d never recommend using are bubbles. For 2-4 pips, they’re usually not worth using! Try keep your Offensive decks slimmer and more concise. You don’t want someone dying because you couldn’t pull a hit!


This Class we’ve created is a little oddly named. But it is by far the most versatile and in some cases important role in the team. This role will consist of various uses, all very different yet important.

  • This variation of Storm deck would be used if you are required to spam hits in order to prevent a certain cheat. But it also allows for you to help set-up should the opportunity present itself.

  • This sort of deck is a set-up deck, including side. You aren’t hitting, merely making sure whoever is does so much damage everyone simultaneously says “overkill lol”. However should the enemy survive, your back up hit can clean up the 1k health or so.

Supportive by nature is there to support your team in whatever way is needed. You may be used to bypass a cheat system, set-up your attacker or help out with shields and healing. It’s an ultimate mix of whatever is needed by your team, but this is also the easiest build type to overcrowd your deck. Try and know what you’ll be doing more of before the fight, so you focus more on that. Important to note, if the main hitter is fully bladed and just waiting on pips or to pull, feel free to blade yourself up, just don’t hit. You don’t want to clear any feints or traps in place. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised!


This one is fairly self-explanatory. You’re there to refill those little red spheres when they get low. This is by far the hardest role for anyone to just randomly pick up, and is normally very class dependent Eg: Life or Death

  • This is a pretty healing-focused Life deck. You worked your way up to 159% outgoing and you’re gonna make sure your team knows it! It’s just all about healing here. You’d also include some Pigsie, sadly I’m not that good.

  • This is a more balanced healing deck for Death. This allows them to pump out high intensity healing, but still provide some extra Support. This is more of a Supportive/Healing build. Healing in combo with traps, blades, feintsetc.

Healing is normally only really needed inside of dungeons. A core thing to note is you’ll want to expand on these decks further. Find what works for youReshuffles are also rather important. Running out of cards to heal your team is never a good thing!  It also wouldn’t hurt to incorporate shields into your deck, so support your team in a bulkier way, but that is for our next category!


This is quite possibly the most useless of the classes, in modern Wiz that is. Nowadays the dream of an Ice or a Jade entering first to pull their aggression, with the rest of the team entering late doesn’t exist thanks to the wonderful addition of Late CheatsHowever it can still find use when used in combination with other class types. But the basic premise is shields, or debuff spamming the enemy.

  • This deck for Death would be used against a Storm boss. Of course this isn’t all you’d use, but these are the core ideas for this concept.

So you’ve got all your shields, and then all your weaknesses. Then you’re gonna wanna throw in some extra debuffs, soinfections, mantles etc. Lastly, adjust it to suit who you’re fighting, by changing out dispels and set shields! This class has basically been absorbed by Supportive and Healing builds in today’s game. But I figured I’d include it due to the cards being really useful and worthy of their own section. But these decks are basically used to increase your teams longevity, and make those pesky hits hurt a lot less! But alone they will be rather weak, so make sure to mix these in with other builds.


This idea isn’t too hard to understand. Do some research on the Wiki and learn a bosses cheats. Then simply adjust your deck accordingly to help you better fight it!  You can find a variety of boss guides on this site to help you out! Below I’ll go through some nifty examples to help you understand:

  1. Omen Striborg: It’s kinda funny that the boss in this fight isn’t the challenge, it’s his minion with way too much health. However, you can’t blade! So no supercharge! But traps work, so get a fire to hit after using a backdraft or two, on top of a million traps.
  2. Rasputin: You’re gonna need to spam a lot of hits, as every time you do just about anything he’ll summon a minion.
  3. Malistaire: You’re gonna need to learn his cycle if you’re gonna wanna hit. He’ll clear all blades, traps, shields etc every 4 rounds. So pack multiple of each type of blade, you’re gonna need them. Also, Doom and Gloom is needed.
  4. Fight Club: This one is a pain to fight. You can’t blade other people, you have to spam hits, and you cannot feint. This dungeon is just not enjoyable all round.

So please, look up your bosses and cheats! You don’t wanna be that guy who triggers an enfeeble cheat the round you hit!

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  1. Can you guys have Deck building for like LEVEL 10, 20,30,40 etc? Maybe you could even have it for every school like a fire page, storm page, etc.

    1. Hi Kareem!

      What a great suggestion! That is something we have talked about doing for sure. You are likely to see more deck building guides in the near future.

      Amber Ravynsong <3

      1. I definitely agree! Do you think it would be possible for the site to make a guide about Life decks and how they can be offensive and support at the same time?
        It would really help people like me who are still learning!

        1. Hullo Kalina,

          We’ve passed your request along through our staff! You should hopefully start seeing more deck building guides in the near future.

          Best wishes,
          Peyton Lionheart

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