Crafting101 – Celestia | Pt 1

Tonight we will be learning how to craft The Seal of The Seven Seas for the quest "That Seven Seas Show"

Welcome to Crafting101 young wizard, or welcome back if you’ve been following along on our journey. Now that you have achieved your Master Artisan Badge, you are well on your way to the next tier, the Grandmaster Artisan Badge. Before you can begin this quest, you need to get to The Floating Lands, Celestia. In order to unlock Celestia, you will need to defeat Dragonspyre, and the infamous Malistaire but you can complete this crafting quest at any level by teleporting to a friend.

Step 1 – Pierce Stanson

Now that you have stepped out into The Floating Lands, you are ready to track down Pierce Stanson to start the quest. Upon exiting the Survey Camp onto the beach, he will be to the left, up against the path. Once you find him, you will be assigned the quest “That Seven Seas Show.” #puns

Step 2 – “That Seven Seas Show”

The recipe is available from Pierce Stanson, himself. The amulet will cost 1,787 gold. Let’s check out the resources we can gather together! The amulet will require 8 Fish Fins, 11 Golden Pearls, 7 Perfect Jades, 5 Polymorph Treant Treasure Cards,  5 Pristine Vials, 10 Sandstones, and 6 Sunstones. 

Step 3 – Gathering the Reagents

Fish Fin

8 Fish Fins will be needed in total. Aside from hunting them down in the bazaar, you can garden Maelstrom Snap Dragons, receive them from the Magic Eggs housing reward item, or transmute from fish scales.

Golden Pearl

11 Golden Pearls will be needed in total. These are a rare harvest that you can find from pearls in Stormriven hall, The Grotto, The Portico, and Waterworks, Crab Alley. However, you can transmute regular pearls into golden pearls too. They may be harvested from Maelstrom Snap Dragon, and Evil Magma Peas, Deadly Helephant Ears, and Fickle Pickles. The Gorilla, Minotaur, Magic Eggs, and Dragonfly all have this item as one of their daily rewards.

Perfect Jade

7 Perfect Jades will be needed in total. You will have to buy or harvest these gems. It is most easy to buy them from Archytas in the Survey Camp for 100 gold each. The Bountiful Cart can also give Perfect Jade as a reward. Gardening the Maelstrom Snap Dragon or Ivy League gives a chance at this item.

Polymorph Treant Treasure Card

5 Polymorph Treant Treasure Cards will be needed in total. You are able to buy them from the Archivist in District of the Stars, Celestia. They may also be harvested from plants such as Moon Flowers, Red Grapes of Wrath, and Sour Fickle Pickles.

Pristine Vial

5 Pristine Vials will be needed in total. Pristine Vials are an item you will need to buy or harvest. Archytas sells these for 500 gold each, but if you grow the Maelstrom Snap Dragon, you will have a chance at harvesting this item.


10 Sandstones will be needed in total. They may be transmuted with stone blocks or gathered from sandy places in the Spiral. Sandstone can be harvested in the Science center, The House of Scales, Upper Zigazag, Krokotopia, as well as Azteca and Mirage. They can be gathered as a rare harvest from Stone Blocks in Celestia, Dragonspyre, Mooshu, Grizzleheim, Marleybone, Krokotopia, and Wizard City. Growing Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Evil Magma Peas, Fickle Pickle, and Deadly Helephant Ears can give you a chance at Sandstone.


6 Sunstones will be needed in total. You may transmute these from sandstones. These are a rare harvest from sandstone. Sunstone is harvestable from Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Evil Magma Peas, Fickle Pickle, and Deadly Helephant Ears.

Step 4 -Completion

Now that you have all your ingredients, go back to your Equipment Crafting Station and begin making the Seal of the Seven Seas. Once you have turned in the quest, you will be awarded 7,278 gold and your Grandmaster Artisan badge. Congratulations Wizard! 

Thank you, Starlight, for your time here crafting and collecting reagents.

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