Corporal Tenni’syn Strategy!

Corporal Tenni’syn is a Gold Skeleton Key boss found inside the Zanadu Sewers, Empyrea. He drops the best offensive robes for every school, except Storm. Storm wizards will still want to use the Malistaire robe even at level 130.

Initially, this boss seems difficult, but with enough knowledge and game sense, he is actually incredibly easy! So, here is how I killed Corporal Tenni’syn in 4 rounds!

The Cheats

Tenni’syn uses a couple of important cheats to note. They can be annoying, but there’s no way to avoid them.

Only Feint once per round

If you feint Tenni’syn more than once, you’ll activate a cheat that removes every single trap that the team has placed on him.

Natural attacks lead to random Wild Bolt spam

Whenever he uses his natural attack he will shout about how it is “time to finish this!” Now, this sounds rather silly, but what follows isn’t.

He will spam up to 7 wild bolts on a random member of the team each time this attack occurs. Be careful because he’s packing a lot of damage and pierce!

Gains 3 Pips after every turn

After every round, no matter what, Tenni’syn will gain 3 power pips. This gives him the power to spam spells such as Glow Bug Squall, Sirens and Storm Lord.

Don’t Dispel

Other sources may claim that using dispel is ok if it is only used once per round. In my experience this will trigger a cheat that clears all negative charms. A better defensive strategy is to use Juju or storm shields.

The Strategy

Now that you know the cheats, lets find out how to deal 80,000 damage in 4 turns every time. Even when blades are cleared by Glow Bug Squall, Sirens and Catch of the Day, it’s still guaranteed to work. Here are the key points.

Jade gear and Storm resist

Having a wizard that can tank all the storm hits is important. Send someone in first who has high storm resist. The battle order is decided by the order in which your team enters the key room.


When you hit use Scion of Storm with a prism, or Scion of Myth with 2 stun blocks up. Scion will allow you to one shot Tenni’syn on the 4th round.


Have the team member with storm resist feint using Potent, regular, and a Treasure Card to make the Scion kill guaranteed, even if he clears all blades.

Critical block 

In my experience, he must not have much critical block. He has never blocked a single one of my critical hits!

The only additional note is that he may use blades, so your team will want to carry enfeeble in order to get that Scion damage doubled.

 That’s it! It’s honestly that simple. I wish you the best of luck while farming!

5 thoughts on “Corporal Tenni’syn Strategy!

    1. So he only removes every feint if multiple are used in a single round. If only one is used in a round, they won’t be cleared. Do so for three rounds and bam

  1. Where is he located??? It just says “Zanadu Sewers”. I’m level 127, have reached and quested all the way to the beginning of Outer Athanor, I cannot find a single article/video that shows where in Zanadu Sewers his dungeon is located.

    1. It can be confusing because there isn’t a map inside the sewers. I tend to forget too, but he’s at the end of one of the long corridors branching from the first chamber. You’ll be able to tell by the Skeleton Key sigil.

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