Storm Titan’s Trident Strategy!


The final dungeon of Part two, Storm Titan Maelstrom, is one of the hardest fights in the game.  And sadly it is also the only fight in-game that drops the new Paradox gear, the majority best offensive gear in-game!  But what if you could kill it in a few rounds without ever losing more than a few hundred hit points?  Would be nice to save yourself an hour or more wouldn’t it?

The premise of this strategy is to kill the titan by using overtime and before he kills you.  But never fear, he won’t even be able to kill you with the Bad Jujus you placed on him!  Just make sure you understand everything fully, it isn’t a super strict strategy either with a decent margin of error.

Character Roles

Hitter: Your hitter is going to need a very strong DOT spell.  You’re looking at Heckhound, Stormhound etc.  Perhaps even Spinysaur!

Balance: Sadly, it is very hard to pull this off without a balance.  Although it may be possible without, a Balance simply provides an unrivaled advantage.  They can set up the hitter more effectively than any other school can.

Jade Death: Again something you can’t do without.  Only a Death can cast the required Indemnity Bad Jujus required to pull it off, as Storm Titan will cleanse himself. Death is also useful for Dark Pact.

Jade (any):  This can be any school that can tank and go first.  They’ll be elemental/spiritual setting up your hitter as well as a couple other bits and bobs of support that make your life a lot easier.

The Strategy

I won’t go into the round by round specifics as you actually have a lot of flexibility with this strategy.  However, there are a couple of important points that cannot be missed.

Bubble Change:  It’s important to note that this is no longer possible.  You can’t balance dispel, meaning the bubble stays up, capping your damage before a million.

Cleanses:  Packing a minimum of 2 cleanses is a good idea.  The boss likes to use virulent plague as well as mass infection.

Juju Spam:  This is vital.  Your Death has to Indemnity Juju spam.  If you get unlucky with shadows, he will pull up his trident on 5 shadow pips.  If this is the case and he does not have 2 Jujus on him you will lose everyone but your jades, so you got to get those Jujus on!  They also stop the tempests, cheats and other hits from hurting a lot!

The DOT:  The damage over time has to do over 40K damage on every tick.  Alternatively, impact + DOT hits like Rain Of Fire can work well too.  Each hit will trigger a new phase.

Minions:  There will be one batch of minions summoned after the initial hit or first tick of the DOT.  It’s vital that they’re killed immediately, by bugs; bull etc, as they could prevent the tick from doing enough by their shield spam.

General Blading:  This isn’t too hard to understand.  You gotta blade blade blade!  All balance and hitter do is blade.  The Death should Dark Pact whenever they are able too, but prioritize the Jujus.  Your Jade is in charge of the Elemental Blades.

The Hitting Round:  The round you hit there are a couple things you HAVE to do.  It’s important that firstly your hitter actually hits.  Your balance should shatter, as it’s possible he will have either a storm or myth shield (Note:  With a fire, this isn’t necessary).  We recommend being in shrike if you’re a hitting storm, but a few well-timed prisms work well too.  Your Death is free to do whatever, but ideally uses their last or remaining Dark Pact.


This sounds too good to believe.  A strategy that works easily, is super fast and has a little room for error.  But we’ve got the proof.  I’ve done it over a dozen times and my friend Julie has pulled it off over 20 times already!  Big thanks to Dark Merit and James Storyshield on Discord for brainstorming and testing this strat!

So best of luck guys!  Get farming for your new Paradox Gear!

Editors Note:  The wizards over at Team ELITE also came up with this strategy. Check out their video guide to it here

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    1. You should definitely check out our Facebook and Discord communities! They are very active and full of kind and helpful wizards. You can find the links at the bottom of any page here on the site <3 I hope to see you there!

    2. Hello there I am looking for a team to help me with this final boss in Empyrea, so I tried looking for a team but, so far no one was willing to team up with me. Need help ASAP if possible

    1. If you didn’t actually hit a million he’ll reset into his 2nd phase. Traditionally you’d have to hit him 3 times for over 40K each, but it actually takes surprisingly longer

  1. new stratey for the hot fix
    this strategy would prefer a balance death storm and fire.
    death: (JADE) deck is {juju full, indemnity full, dark pact 2, sharpen 1, tc empowers} they use protected juju on Triton and dark pact the fire wizard, when low on pips they use empowers, if they can have may-cast rebirth wand, use that!
    balance: (SUPPORT) deck is {2 of every type of blade (except elemental), one sharpen for every type of blade, tc reshuffle, and tc elemental} they throw every type of blade they got at the fire (including AOE) and the tc elemental, while reshuffling the death as needed IF needed, if they can have may-cast rebirth wand, use that!
    storm: (SUPPORT/MINION KILLER) deck is {elemental blades 2, sharpen 2 , storm blades 2, pet blade if you have it 1, bugs 1. epic 1, cleanse 2-3} they use elemental blades and fire, blade them self, and when the minions are summoned they bugs, cleanse the fire if a charm is put on them, [the Triton can at any point cast 1 mass plague or mass infection] and if the storm dies, get a better death .
    fire: (HITTER) deck is {tc fire blade 1, fire blade 2, sharpen 1, frenzy-brezerk 1, epic 2, shrike 1, rain of fire 2} they use all their blades, use the damage aura and [by then you should have a shadow pip] shrike into a rain of fire on the Triton, if the storm can ‘t hit then wait and do a rain of fire on the minions.
    if the battle isn’t over in 10 rounds, then either you didn’t do it right or one or more of you need to “GIT GUD“

  2. im still having a rough time cause you never can get the right team using team up you might get lucky and get a team of people that have done it before but it still doesn’t help if you cant talk to one of them then the try is over they might not know the cheats

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