Fall Friendship Contest

Happy Fall from Ravenwood Academy!

Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions to our Halloween Spirit Contest! Even though October is over, the fun sure isn’t! November’s contest is about Community, Friendship, and Gratitude.

Take one in-game Autumn themed screenshot anywhere in the Spiral, and underneath tell us how this image inspires you. You can tell us with a short paragraph, a description, or even a poem! How does your image show community, friendship, and/or gratitude?

Post your screenshot & caption in the Ravenwood Academy contest channel on our Official Discord server to enter the contest by November 30th, 2020. Remember, all entries must be your original screenshot & writing and follow our community rules.

Winners will be judged by our staff team based on the quality of the screenshot and written caption and how well it follows the contest theme. The winners will be announced by December 7th on Discord. Prizes are as follows:

1st Place: Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

2nd Place: Blood Raven Bundle
3rd Place: 5000 Crowns

We can’t wait to see your creativity shine again – good luck, Wizards!

One thought on “Fall Friendship Contest

  1. i cant describe the wonders this game has done me, i met my first online friends here, we all met the same day, the 3 of us had a lot of fun, i was the youngest of them and eventually the other 2 fell in love and actually flew out to be with each other, i got to see pictures of them together and it was a real eye opener, this story is much much longer but to sum this short i’m extremely greateful i got to meet those two, i still play to this day and occasional get to see them again and have nice small chat, all of this was due to wizard101 being there when it was and i couldn’t be more happy <3

    Side note: at the time i was in 8-9th grade, jackie was 17 and jose was 20, im now turning 18 in my senior year and they're still together

    ~Thank you! <3

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