Proud of our Community

Ravenwood is excited to celebrate Pride month this June with our community!

We are proud of the diverse group of people that make Ravenwood Community one of the kindest, most supportive communities around.

Ravenwood vows always to be a safe place, an ally, and a home away from home for all of our Wiz-fam. When you need a friend or a soft place to land, we are here, wands ready, Feints in hand.

Join us all month long as we celebrate friends, celebrate family, and celebrate Pride. Be proud of who you are. Join our Discord server to get involved with the community and participate in events and giveaways. Every Wizard is welcome whoever, however, and wherever they are. 

Over the Rainbow Contest

In honor of PRIDE 2021, we invite you to join us in acknowledging the hardships the LGBTQIA community has overcome that brought us to where we are today. To be free to celebrate life with our community and be PROUD of who we are.

The Ravenwood Community stands for positivity, inclusion, and support. It is our goal to create a haven for every Wizard. A place to feel welcome. A place for everyone to express themselves without fear. We are PROUD supporters, and we are proud to present this month’s Over the Rainbow Contest.

We want you to use your imagination to create a PRIDE-themed in-game item. It could be a housing item, a teleport effect, a mount, or even a spell. If you can dream it, you can enter it in our 2021 Pride contest.

Please post your entry in the Ravenwood Community Discord contest channel, our official Ravenwood Community Facebook Group, or by tagging @RW_Academy101 on Twitter. One entry per person, multiple entries will be disqualified.

The contest closes on June 30th. Winners will be announced by July 7th. The Ravenwood Community Staff team will choose the winners by vote, and the winners will receive:

First place: Fantastic Fairytale Bundle and a Large Housing Rainbow
Second place: 5000 Crowns and a Majestic Unicorn Mount
Third place: A Majestic Unicorn Mount

Every qualified entry will be entered into a separate drawing for a Rainbow Teleport effect!

We can’t wait to slide down the rainbow and see all of your Pride2021 dreams for the Spiral come alive.

Congrats to the winners!


First Place


First place goes to La Vie En Rose#9574. Check out their thoughtful twist on the classic Charmers Mystical Flute here!!


Second Place


Second place goes to Scion of house Cringe#4758 for their creative and colorful Pride Bundle!


Third Place


Third place goes to Kyle Storm for their unique spell ideas!!

There were so many amazing entries that we had a hard time choosing! Every one of the entries was full of heart and creativity. You can see them at our Community Discord here. Thanks to our generous sponsors at KingsIsle, instead of one runner-up drawing, every runner-up that did not win an official prize will receive a Rainbow Teleport Effect!

Thank you to everyone that entered for helping to make our community a beautiful, colorful, kind place to be, and thanks for being part of Ravenwood Community.

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