Pirate House Party

Yarr Harr Pirates!!

We are excited to announce something new! We will be throwing our first ever Pirate101 house party on December 8th, 2018! Meet us on Skull Island in Avery’s Court, Commodore realm at 12pm Eastern American Time. Besides the best Pirate101 house party ever we will have:

  • Obsidian Key Boss Runs
  • PvP
  • Raffle for a prize
  • Hide and seek
Dungeon Runs:
  • Moo Manchu
  • Kane  
  • Smugglers

Not only that, there will be prizes too! We will have Moo Manchu’s wands and Empire Bundles for a few of you lucky freebooters.

Rules for PVP

  • Old Scratch is banned
  • Overwatch 5 is banned
  • All Seasonal Champion Weapons are banned
  • Ghor is banned (eagle eye glitch)
  • All tiers of the Beastmaster’s Banner are banned 
  • Nefarious Staff and Terra-Cotta robe (Tower of Moo Manchu version) are banned for all classes EXCEPT Witchdoctors.
  • Blast of Discord is banned
  • First Mate’s Boon is banned
  • All Haywire Companions are allowed (overwatch 5 cannot be given to them however)
  • All Doubloons are banned

6 thoughts on “Pirate House Party

  1. You forgot to mention the realm, but I assume that skull island refers to realm avery skull island. I shared this on my discord server, twitter, skype, and other social media so some of my fans are likely to show up. I’m mostly interested in the PvP, but I also have what many people in the game call the best rug glitch house, well technically it’s multiple houses with various rug glitch monstrosities. I can send you a video if you’re interested in having a look.

    Best regards,

    Napoleguin! 😀

  2. so where are we gonna meet up? I know you mentioned skull island commodore realm but where? in Avery’s court?

    1. Hi Luis!

      Yes, we will be meeting in Avery’s Court. Thanks so much for asking, I hope to see you there <3 Amber

  3. This is actually a cool idea, i can’t wait to see how many people will be their, i hope plenty of people can attend,

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