Catching the Jabber Pollock

Every Monday morning the weekly tournament fish changes. There are fishing secrets I can tell you. I want to share with you my experience in the fantastic world of wizard101 tournament fishing!

This week we have the Jabber Pollock:

School Myth | Rank 2 | Common/Regular | 1400 XP
Small Fry < 15
Whopper > 25
Fish Location in order:
Avalon/High Road/ Poisoned Well
No used in any recipes
Αverage sale price in gold:
500 each

How to catch a Whopper

The only place we can find it is the dungeon: Poisoned Well. Be careful, because you must finish the battle first. So prepare your gear or your deck for a fight before you go in. Once you get to it, Jabber Pollok is the only myth school fish in the pond.

How to find this fish in order

1. Reveal Fish School/Reveal Large Fish

2. If no fish are affected Summon Fish and repeat
3. If a fish is revealed – Minor Fable Lure or / Common Fable Lure and catch it.

The first 3 winners will get tournament tickets:
First place: 120 tickets
Second place: 50 tickets
Third place: 20 tickets
The tournament end in 19/11/18
Good luck!