Christmas in July Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Christmas in July contest! Our community has some fantastic talent, and the entries were incredible! It was a struggle to choose, but the results are in. Check out the winners below.

Christmas Classic Colors

A Classic Christmas Tree surrounded by snow with the northern lights shining above.
Classic Christmas by Rose#6201

Second Place Classic Colors: Neoplasm#1571

Creative Colors

A Wizard101 Christmas tree with each layer representing a school of magic.
A Wizard Tree by 1oshuaBlue#5319

Second Place Creative Colors: Celestia Christmas by Layla#5491

Best Digital

A Christmas tree with a glowing star sits on a sandy beach with the ocean and a large warm yellow sun in the background.
Christmas in JULY by Skazka#0556

Second Place Best Digital: Heap Christmas by Heather, Local Oracleđź”®#1142

Best Physical

A classic Christmas tree bathed in golden glowing light.
Glowing Tree by BAVV#2630

Second Place Best Physical: Ryan GhostBlood

Wolf of Winter Drawing

As a thanks for all of the amazing entries, everyone who entered qualified for the random Wolf of Winter drawing. The winner of the drawing is Twizard  @alura_dawn! 

There are so many more entries to explore, including our second-place winners! Don’t miss the Black and White “Heap” themed entry, the underwater Celestia tree, and too many other impressive creations to list! Be sure to head over to the contest channel on Discord to check them out.

Thanks to everyone that entered. If you are a winner, check your Direct Messages or email for your prize! Until next time, see you in The Spiral!