Catacombs Farming Guide


Hello everyone! Discord community member Hannah here, or Emmaline GhostSong as you may know me in-game. Chances are, you’ve heard that Dragoon Gear is the over-all best for any max-level Wizard. But what is it, and how do you get it? If you have these questions, this is the guide for you.

To craft your Dragoon gear you’ll need to be a Visionary Crafter first. Then, you can gather the reagents and recipe. The reagents you’ll need come from two bosses. Today I have two different strategies for Prince Viggor and King Detritus. These bosses drop the Alchemical Extracts, Salts, and Crystals you will need.


These bosses are essential for farming level 130-140 gear for most offensive builds. Each piece of the Dragoon set requires 300 Alchemical Extract, 50 Alchemical Salts, 5 Alchemical Crystals, and a piece of Vanguard gear. Any school’s Vanguard gear will work to create your preferred Dragoon set.

You can also craft the Vanguard gear if you’re not getting them as drops. Each requires 180 Alchemical Extracts, 30 Alchemical Salts, and 3 Alchemical Crystals. That number can sound intimidating for the new Visionary Wizard.

Gathering all those reagents can seem like an impossible task. But don’t stress – it’s easier than it sounds! This guide is here to teach you some of the best strategies to farm these materials. Let’s get started!

Abandoned House Strategies

King Detritus is the first boss of the Wizard City Drains after completing Empyrea Part One. He is the Abandoned House dungeon’s final boss, which is an excellent spot for Alchemical reagents. Each run drops ten Alchemical Extracts – one from the first mob fight and nine from the boss. King Detritus also drops other Alchemical reagents, Vanguard Hats, and much more. During the Double Reagents member event, you can get up to seventeen extracts per run!
Suppose you do not have this dungeon unlocked. No worries! The Abandoned House is a free-to-play dungeon that any Wizard can teleport inside. I have seen many Wizards start farming King Detritus for extracts as early as level 120. So, the Abandoned House is a very frequented area for high-level free-to-play Wizards.

Mob Battles

There are two mob fights before the boss. The first fight will drop one Alchemical Extract, and the second doesn’t drop anything of note. The mobs range in health, depending on which type spawn. Have one or two Wizards pack a first-round AOE hit, plus a blade or Mass Feint depending on your teammates. This setup should defeat all enemies in one round.

Fighting the Trash King

The most common strategies for farming the Abandoned House are the two round and four round strategies. The two-round approach is usually best when you have a consistent four-person team. Meanwhile, the four-round is better when using the Team Up Kiosk. If you are new to farming King Detritus, you may want to try both to see which one works best for your play style.

2-Round Strategy

This strategy requires a hitter, a Storm Wizard with around 160+ damage. You’ll also need three support Wizards. Your hitter must be in the last position (4th), and everyone needs to join in the first round. Your team should coordinate three different types of Feints; some examples are Mass Feint, regular Feint, regular Potent Feint, TC Feint, pet-card Feint, etc. For the second round, you need any three types of blades that stack. Again, these can be any blades depending on your team, but they must be stackable.
Remember, never put more than seven cards in your deck for this strategy to work. You must get all three Feints down on the first round. Casting Feints after the first round will result in the minions removing all of the Feints that have been cast. Without the three Feints, it is challenging to defeat the boss in the second round. One of your support Wizards should pack a Cleanse Charm, as sometimes the minions cast Virulent Plague. If needed, this can go in place of their second-turn blade but never in place of their first-turn Feint.

First Round

1st: Feint

2nd: Feint

3rd: Feint

4th: Blade or Frenzy

Second Round

1st: Blade

2nd: Blade

3rd: Blade

4th: Epic Storm Lord (or Epic Glowbug Squall, if they have a shadow pip)

I personally find this strategy to be the most reliable and easiest way to farm for Alchemical Extracts. Your team will fall into a rhythm after a few runs. Each run will take about ten minutes and yield ten Alchemical Extracts.

4-Round Strategy

If you only want to do a few runs, can’t find a team, or prefer more laid-back farming, you may want to try the four-round strategy. This strategy is best when using the Team-Up sigil for Abandoned House. It is adjustable for up to five rounds if necessary and works with various school attackers.
The way this strategy works is by sending in only one player for the first round. This Wizard will cast a Potent Feint. Once the first round has started, the remaining Wizards will join. This ensures that only one minion spawns.
On the second and third rounds, blade the hitter. On the third round, the one and only minion will sacrifice itself. So when the 4th round starts, the only enemy left is King Detritus. Because there is no minion, your team can cast their Feints now. The hitter will traditionally cast their school’s King Artorius spell in the fourth round. But any good seven to eight pip attack spell will do the job.
While the 4-round King Detritus strategy is a bit longer, it can be less stressful when using Team-Up.

Prince Viggor Strategies

Prince Viggor, located in Viggor’s Tomb, is part of the Catacombs questline. Many Wizards farm Prince Viggor, as he always drops three Alchemical Salts per fight. He also has a chance to drop other Alchemical reagents, Daybreaker and Nightbringer Spellements, and Vanguard boots. There are two main strategies for Prince Viggor; this guide outlines both strategies.

The first strategy takes two rounds but is challenging to pull off and requires two or three Fire Wizards. The second strategy takes three or four rounds but is much more flexible. If you do not have this dungeon unlocked, any Wizard can teleport to their friend inside. But you must have a membership or purchase the Catacombs with Crowns for access.

Mob Battle

This dungeon has one mob fight before the boss. Rydall’s Plague is a group of four Death mobs with 3,590 Health each. Have two players pack an all-one-enemy spell that they can use on the first round, such as Meteor Strike or Tempest. One of your support Wizards should carry TC Cleanse Charm; if Rydall’s Plague goes first, they always cast Virulent Plague. Your other support Wizard should pack a blade or Mass Feint if they have it.

2-Round Strategy

Your Team

For this strategy, you’re going to need the following:

  • One Wizard of any school. They can be a support Wizard with high resistance. This slot is the only flexible part of your team for this strategy.
  • One Fire support. This Wizard will cast Backdraft.
  • One Fire attacker. Their damage should be 160 or higher. They need to have 100% Power Pip and Accuracy.
  • A Wizard with a Dalia’s Smoldering Hairdo hat from the Professor’s Hoard Pack. This must be a level 40+ version that gives the Incindiate card. A Pyromancer or another Wizard with a Fire Mastery Amulet will do the job. They should also have a 100% Power Pip chance & good Accuracy.

Fighting Prince Viggor

All players need to go into the battle in the first round, in the correct order, without being late. That is quite tricky but do-able. Your hitter must be in the third position, and your player with the Dalia hat must be in the fourth position. The players in the first and second positions are interchangeable.

Each player should have no more than seven cards in their deck, and everyone will need a different stackable blade. Your support Wizard should have a Feint as well as Indemnity enchantment on hand. The Indemnity prevents Prince Viggor from removing the Feint with a cheat.

Viggor and his Ice Minion also like to cast a -55 Tower Shield. So one support Wizard should have TC Shatters or Pierce on hand. They will cast Shatter or Pierce in the second round rather than blading. You’ll still kill without the extra blade, but you won’t have a chance without removing the Tower Shields.

First round:

1st: Indemnity Feint

2nd: Blade

3rd: Blade or Frenzy

4th: Blade

Second round:

1st: Blade or Shatter/Pierce

2nd: Indemnity Backdraft

3rd: Epic Scald

4th: Incindiate

When this strategy works according to plan, you can expect to do around 80,000 damage to Prince Viggor. One of your Wizards may sometimes need to do a backup Meteor Strike on the third round, but most often, you can 2-round!

Traditional Strategy

Speed is the most significant advantage of using the two-round strategy. Yet, it requires excellent coordination and is easy to mess up. If your team can’t execute the two-round strategy, you might try the traditional method. You will find this strategy is more flexible and has room for error. I usually do four rounds with my team. You may find three to five rounds will work for you. This strategy is adjustable.

Your Team

You’ll need the following for this strategy:

  • One tank or support Wizard. They will ideally have high resistance to tank some extra hits. They need to be able to cast Indemnity enchanted Feint.
  • Two other support Wizards. One of them may want to have their hitting gear on for the mobs or a potential backup hit.
  • One attacker. This can be any school, except for Myth or Death as Prince Viggor has a high resistance to those schools and may remove prisms. Storm and Fire are ideal schools to hit in this battle.

Your Decks

Your tank Wizard must pack Feint plus an Indemnity enchant.
All three of your support Wizards should coordinate to pack several stackable blades for your hitter. You could use elemental blades, dark pacts, school blades, pet blades, an so on. At least one support player should also pack TC Shatters and cleanse charm. You may pack traps. Yet, all traps must have an Indemnity on them. Do not cast them if Prince Viggor summons a Storm or Myth minion – so this should be a last resort only.
Your hitter needs a good attack all spell. When I hit on my storm, I use Storm Lord – as well as Frenzy or another aura, and usually one or two blades for themselves.

Fighting Prince Viggor

For the first round, have only your tank Wizard go in and cast Indemnity Feint. This tactic minimizes the amount of minion hits your team gets. Once the first round has started, the rest of your team can go in with your hitter in the fourth position.
Next, spend one to two rounds blading up your hitter. It may take a couple of tries for your team to see exactly how many rounds you need. I hit on the fourth round, but I find it is possible to kill on the third for some Wizards.
On the round you hit, use Shatter on Prince Viggor. The only time I don’t do this is if our team goes first and he doesn’t already have a shield on. If he doesn’t have a shield, but the opposing team goes first, cast Shatter anyway.
With the Feint, a couple of rounds’ worth of blades, and the Shatter, your hit should take Viggor and his minions out in one go. If, by some chance, you have a straggler, have your backup hitter cast a quick AOE. This strategy is a reliable way to farm Alchemical Salts – and if you’re lucky, Vanguard boots!

After Farming

Now that you know the strategies, you’re well on your way to crafting Dragoon gear. Pick up the recipes from Zasha Emberforge and get crafting! I recommend spending most of your time at King Detritus for Alchemical Extracts. Once you get most of your extracts, pop over to Viggor for a few runs to catch up on salts.
The meta PVE set for level 130-140 in most cases asks for the Dragoon Hat, Boots, and Amulet. Dragoon gear gives a lot of Health, and the robe and athame are staples in high HP builds for Ice Wizards. The stats of all Dragoon pieces are below but don’t forget about the set bonus! With three pieces, you get extra damage, which is a big part of what makes this gear so powerful. 
Also, some pieces come with great spells. The hats come with a zero-pip mass trap, the boots with an item card Sharpened Blade and Potent Trap, and the amulet with an overpowered four-pip AOE spell. Take a look!

The Stitch and the Recipe

The Gear Stats








Thanks for Reading!

Thank you for reading my guide on Dragoon Gear farming. I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and that you have a better understanding of how to get this popular level 130+ gear. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or find me around the Spiral or Discord. I wish you the best of luck on your Catacombs adventures!
~Hannah/Emmaline Ghostsong