Couch Potato Farming for all Levels

Anyone who has ever tried to hatch the perfect pet knows how important Mega-Snacks are. Mega Snack Packs are expensive and only help a little bit. The best and easiest solution is to grow Couch Potatoes, but how can we get them without spending all of our Crowns? Depending on your level, you have some great options old and new.

In my opinion, the absolute best place is the 5 Boxes quest box in Wizard City. This special event quest isn’t always in the Spiral, but when it is you will find it in a free to play area near the Bazaar. Meaning, even the newest Wizard with no membership has a pretty decent chance of getting this valuable Crowns seed. Super generous of KI! Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity the next time it comes to the Spiral!

Once you have reached level 20 you can access Grizzleheim. The classic mob to fight for Couch Potatoes here is the Splithoof Barbarians in Boars Camp, Savarstaad Pass. This is one of the first areas you open when you get to Grizzleheim. It can be a grind farming this area, but it is accessible at a pretty early level in the game. For better drop chances, I find that switching realms every 10 fights or so helps.

Hands down, the best and easiest place to get this drop if you have a higher level Wizard is from the Death Ghultures in Mirage. This is one of the very first quests you get when you open Mirage. If you head towards Caterwaul Canyons, starting from the World Door, they are the first mob you see. They are a pretty easy kill at the required level to reach them with only 2,450 health. The drop rate is far more generous than it is in Grizzleheim or Wizard City. As a bonus, Evil Magma Pea drops here too.

There are many more places to farm for this drop, especially in the two worlds I talked about. These are my favorites mainly because of ease of access and reliability of drops. With luck and perseverance before you know it, you will have a garden that looks like this!

Good luck Wizards, see you out there!
             ~ Amber Ravynsong