Captains Logs

Welcome to the Captains Logs. Here, I will keep you informed of the changes that come to the Discord weekly. So, without further ado.

Captains log 3/2/2020

  • Updated the Beastmoon voice-chat channel to match the number on a Beastmoon team.
  • Updated the Spiral Door – added multi-lingual descriptions for our international partners servers and communities.
  • The Welcoming committee and Peacemakers programs were officially canceled.
  • Hoisted Team Leader below Spiral Booster and ran a flash pack giveaway for Helping Henchmen in order to encourage helping in the community.
  • Giveaways this week included 5k Crowns, Leaping Leprechaun Pets, Soaring Heart Wings, Fog Staffs, and Druids Hoard Packs
  • Changed server Welcome message – goodbye “Jambo”, hello “Nice to meet you”
  • Added several game and community-related emoji
  • I did an announcement asking you to give me 24h to disperse server giveaways. HERE
  • The music commands channel description was changed.
  •  The rules for the music channels were clarified and pinned. HERE 
  • The music commands channel was removed
  •  Rule 3 was updated and clarified to explicitly state flashy emotes are against the community rules.
  • We opened a new fishing channel, “Lucky’s Bait and Tackle”. HERE
  • We renamed the “pets” channel to “The Hatchery”
  • We moved “Wiz-memes” and “community art” to the community section
  • We moved questions and server feedback to support section
  •  We renamed “PvP” to “Arena Chat”
  • Updated Server Icon and Banner to fit the new Spring theme.

Captains Logs week of 3/9/2020

– Updated the  ATA icon for March
– Promoted Peanut, congrats on Admin little nut!!
– Started the monthly Wiz-memes contest in the Facebook and Discord groups.
– Added Dyno reminders to the ATA and Pirate101 Community Discords to join us at the Main Community server for conversation.
– Discord server hit 14,000
– Giveaways included Life Starter Sets, Pets, Crowns and even Memberships!

Thanks so much for being part of our community. Keep all those amazing server suggestions coming. Feel free to reach out anytime.

~ AmberRavynsong #2344
Director of the Ravenwood Community