Pirate101 Poem Contest

2019 Pirate101 Community Summer Contest!


It’s summertime, and one of our favorite things to do over the summer with friends and family is reminiscing… Talking about memories or a fun point in time about something.

  We want the Pirates of The Spiral to show us what they’ve got! Put your penmanship to the test with a perfect pirate poem! We want to hear all about your adventures in Pirate101 and what you love most about the Airways!

How to Enter

1. Pick a Pirate or your favorite place in-game you wish to use for your screenshots.

2. Pick a category of what kind of poem you’re going to write about.

3. Type your Poem in-game with your Pirate in the picture. You may use up to 10 screenshots, and you may edit your text bubbles outside of the game in order to fit your poem as needed. Paintshop, Photoshop, or other similar editing software is allowed for text bubble editing only.

4. Once you’re happy with the results and poem, capture the best screenshots. Set your PC’s graphics settings to high, and ensure the resolution is maxed (preferably 1920×1080)

5. Send the screenshots to: Community@ravenwoodacademy.com

6. Name the email Subject line: RA Pirate101 Poem Contest (Note: If you don’t fill out the subject line, your entry won’t be included).

7. Include your Pirates name, a short description of what your poem is about, and what inspired it, and tell us how long you’ve been a player of Pirate101 :).


Here are some Categories you can go off of: 

• Funny
• Skyway Adventures
• Mates and Crew
• Bosses

Or anything else related to your adventures in Pirate101


1st Place: 10,000 crowns + Empire bundle

2nd Place
: 5,000 Crowns + Perm Roller Skates + Blades of Shade Wand

3rd Place
: 3,000 Crowns + Perm Golden Eagle mount + Moo Manchu wand

Contest Rules:

• Entries must be submitted by July 30th at 2:30 pm EST
• One Poem entry per email/Pirate.
• If you are under 13 years of age, you must get your parent or guardians permission to participate.
• Entries must be entirely
original creations made by you.
• Entries that use copyrighted or inappropriate material will not qualify.

For general discussion/ questions/comments head over to the thread on the Official Pirate101 message boards HERE!
If you’re unable to post on the forums, please email our Owner/Community Lead at: ndarkhorn@ravenwoodacademy.com
for all questions/comments, etc

Good luck, Pirates!